Friday, May 8, 2009

Congratulations Graduates! gifts for grads???

Finals are over for most people, and for some of you you're graduating. To those I wish a really big conratulations whatever your stage you're at. I've had a few of them and my graduation days were some of the happiest of my life. It's your day, make sure you enjoy it and take advantage of the fact that everyone knows it's your day ;)

Blogger Heather from Goofy Girl has completed medical school. You can call her Dr.Heather now.

My dear habibi took his last final of law school yesterday and his ceremony is tomorrow. I won't be able to make it but my baby got his gift in the mail from me yesterday. It took a lot of thought to decide on what's appropriate to get him at this stage of the relationship. As the girl it's too early to get something really nice (although it's never too early for the guy to get nice things for the girl), but it should be something he can be proud of having. I went with a few small things with sentimental value like a book on Turkey where he'll be interning for a good bit of the summer. I also got some chocolates from a unique local sweet shop we were at right before he surprised me with going to pick out a promise ring. Then I got him this Kenneth Cole watch but in black:

For some reason there's noone in my family that's graduating, but I've already gotten a couple of invitations for some high school graduation parties from my local community. If you're attending someone's party as an invited guest you of course have to get them a gift. I remember my favorite thing to get for my high school graduation: money and gift cards! Actually I think the gift cards were more exciting than money because with money there's that pressure to save it. With the gift cards there's no guilt in the indulging. So that's probably what we'll be giving. What stores are high school girls into nowadays? Suggestions? So who do you know that's graduating? If it's you:



LawTunes said...

The Lawtunes offer our congratulations for your new law graduate. We fully recognize and appreciate that it is not just the commitment and achievements of the law student or lawyer that are to be honored, but also the commitment and achievements of those significant others in his or her life that help make everything happen. This is exactly what we sing about in "Merry Lexmas, Baby," one of the songs you can hear clips from at Here's a toast to you all!

jaraad said...

You are right. Graduation day is the happiest day. It is the day when we touch the success and why not having a little bit of ego here. They deserve it. It is their day after all. p.s. nice watch!

Hamza said...

oh come on asoom, you graduated too..

from LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE schoooool..


asoom said...

Lawtunes, the albums seem like they'd make a really cool gift for a graduate..I probably would have gotten one if I didn't already send him his gift.

Jaraad, yea I definitely took full advantage of my special day by making demands left and right and having different groups of people throwing me little parties on top of my one big party lol. Thanks!

hamza, that's pretty cheesy lol.

Goofy Girl said...

Ooo beautiful watch :)

Thanks for the little shout out!

asoom said...

Goofy,'s hard to go guy shopping sometimes. I had to think like a guy and decide if this is something I'd want to wear!

Socio said...

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