Friday, May 15, 2009

An Expensive Month

May must be for money, cause this month is when I have to spend a lot of money. It's the month of graduations and getting ready for summer vacations.

Thus far there have been SEVEN graduates to get gifts for. Yesterday I went to a triple party, cousins who happened to be grads of my very small private high school out in the boonies. Although I was there on behalf of one of the girls (Suzy's little sister), I still felt compelled to get the other 2 gifts because I'm enjoying the entertainment of the venue, the DJ, the dinner, the cake, and taking home the party favors that all 3 girls' families contributed to despite the fact I don't really know the other 2 girls it would just be plain rude to not acknowledge them.

The next grad party is tomorrow; it's for a girl whose parents got separated not too long ago. The mom and all the kids now live in a small apartment on very modest means; so ya3ni 7araam I have to be a little generous with her. The one after that is going to be a ladies only thing so I called to make a haircut appointment in time for it. All of a sudden only the $70 stylists are available for the times I want. UGHHhhh fine whatever!

If I get one more invite I'm going to fake being sick, I can't afford anymore. Coming up this week there's still a going away party, Suzy's birthday, and I want to invite people over soon for lunch or dinner before everyone goes away for the summer.

Is it just me, or is May truly an expensive month?


celebral seductress said...

i guess it's a coincidence that everything come up together at d same time... =)

Goofy Girl said...

May is expensive for me too! I think it must be just the nature of may or something!