Tuesday, May 12, 2009

JUST library's 70 JD paperback book fine!!!!!!

I packed a couple of books with me for my Irbid visit last summer but I ended up finishing them within a month. I used to randomly drive my cousin to JUST (Jordan University of Science and Technology) where she's a student and one time I coerced her into letting me use her ID to check out library books.

I was pretty disappointed with the selection of leisure books in the English language. In fact, there didn't seem to be much change from the last time I visited the library about 7 years ago when I checked out Lolita and a Jane Austen novel; both were still there amongst a handful of legitimate selections and were probably sitting on those shelves since the year I was born. I found three books that I could possibly read: a paperback The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, a hardcover of The Hobbit, and one other paperback that completely slipped my memory.

Yesterday during work I get a frantic call from my mother in Jordan asking me if it's true that I checked out 3 books using my cousin's university ID and that I never returned one to her because I couldn't find it and told her I'd look for it but then never did. To my knowledge I returned to her the books before I left Jordan, but I can't be certain this was a year ago and her claim is quite possibly true. I mean I don't think she'd lie about. This is coming up now because a couple of days ago she was told she won't be able to graduate if she doesn't pay the resulting library fee of almost 70 JDs (100 american dollars)!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cousin called my mom twice in less than 24 hours about it asking for the money. My mom feels extremely insulted that they (the family) could even "have the nerve to ask for the money after all we did for them (financially)". For example, as a wedding gift last summer my dad gave her brother, the only son, a car. She's already decided they're not getting a ta3reefa for this as a result of their lack of adab. My father is annoyed, to say the least. Knowing my uncle he's probably huffing and puffing a wind storm all day and night long talking about how they're so broke and so poor (they're not). Now my family is going to have a war of roses all because of a paperback with a torn cover and ink pen leaks.

Ok I realize it's my fault. I'm not going to leave my cousin stuck in mud because she did a favor for me and have her be a victim of her cheapass parents and my proud parents. I'll get in touch with her and see if something can be worked out. I could buy that book brand new and have it shipped to her for way less than that. If she can get a wasta to lower that fee, I'll send her a money gram and make sure my mom doesn't find out about it.

Seriously though, 70 JD, WTF JUST library???? What do they use library fine money for because I really don't think they're putting it into the books!

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eshda3wa said...

i think they were so happy to find out they can make money .. that they decided to take full advantage