Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Confronting the mistress

I told you my friend Randy's story in a 2-part blog post previously. In a nutshell, after her asshole husband told her he wanted a divorce she discovered that he was intimately involved with another woman-a dancer.

A couple of days ago Randy admitted that she called the girl and told us how it went down. She star *69ed the number which was very easy to obtain (along with a plethora of solid proof) and when a girl answered she immediately hung up. She mustered up some courage and dialed again.

The girl: hello
Randy: is this "mistress"(that'll be her pseudoname)
The girl: yea. who are you
Randy: this is :asshole" 's wife
The girl: oh!

She quickly added to not be afraid, that she's not calling her to cuss her out or yell at her; she's just calling because she wants some answers. The girl told her in her defense that asshole had mislead her as well because she believed that they were officially separated when they met. Who knows if that's true or not.

Randy gave the impression that the girl wasn't someone that took asshole seriously, she probably wasn't very smart and just going with the flow in this situation where she's getting attention, adoration, and God knows what other material things from this guy. The mistress made it seem like the whole thing wasn't very emotional for her. Who knows though, maybe this was a front she was putting up to avoid problems with Randy-the wife. She got some answers and she ended the conversation by telling the mistress that by the way, she can have him. She couldn't care less if they wanted to be together.

Of course though as soon as she hung up the mistress immediately called asshole.


KJ said...

I think she knew this day would come which is why she wanted to marry a rich man - divorce money baby! She can buy another husband

Anonymous said...

That is terrible !! I don't think she should have called in the first place.. she shouldn't have gone as low as her husband and mistress dancer!! whatever info she got is not worth it and doesn't make a difference, right ?
I don't why people cheat or why marriages fail or succeed .. Is it luck ? !!

Anyways, I wish her the best,she is lucky she doesn't have kids, otherwise she would have been tied to him for the rest of her life battling over children!! hopefully she can move on with her life quickly..

Sou-One-Canobee said...

I could never get these people who get into a relationship with a married man. Anyway she really could move on, even if she got the answers she wanted that would not make it feel better or lighter on her heart.
Tell her to accept it and move on, This fellow does not deserve to dwell on "he sure seems like it"

queenie said...

I think it's good for her to confront "the dancer", she's doing it to get the facts straight and not because she's dwelling on her ex-hub or needs closer (I think). If I was in a situation where I know I might be targeted and blamed, I'd dig through the pile of lies and get the truth out.

Hamza said...


all the headache and the heartbreak that will come with separation will be unbearable. God help her

Goofy Girl said...

I can't imagine what your friend is gong through... people can be such jerks. :(

asoom said...

KJ, I really hope you're just being sarcastic. If a girl expects this to happen to her, than something is seriously wrong with her.

Noura, yea you're right there probably wasn't a ppoint in calling her because she already had all the answers she needed. But I think it was just eating away at her and she just wanted to know who this girl was and what she sounded like. yea she didn't want to have kids until she at least finished school and she still has a semster left.

Sou, I don't understand girls like the dancer but I think they're the type that are kind of looking for the quick fix in life. Unfortunately it won't be so easy for randy to move on because it looks like it's going to be a difficult and messy split since his family are being assholes.

asoom said...

Queenie, her reasons for doing all that investigating is exactly as you stated, she's trying to build the strongest case for herself as possible cause she knows her situation isn't easy and they're going to try to make her look guilty and like she's the one that did something wrong.

Hamza, I totally agree I don't kow how she's dealing with something like that

Goofy, yea I can't either. Seriously I thin if I was her I'd probably like myself up for a while and not feel like interacting with the word