Monday, October 26, 2009

So why can't we talk about our exes?

Why is it so taboo to bring up your ex or even mention previous relationships in the presence of your current person of interest? A lot of times you can't help but recall things. In many ways you're following a similar pattern that you followed before...doing things and saying things that you've done before so you reminisce. Just because you share these observations out loud sometimes it doesn't mean that you're not over the one you used to be with. Don't they realize that this time it's a better experience and that's why you're with that person and not with your ex?

I mean I understand where the problem would be if you excessivly talk about your past relationship because that would mean your ex is always on your mind. However the casual mention could be taken as a compliment as if to say "this is why you're so much better for me!"

Why does the mention of previous relationships make people so insecure?

For the first time in NFL history.....

THREE teams remain undefeated after the week 7 games. The Indianapolis Colts, The Denver Broncos, and my own team the New Orleans Saints!!!!!
Notice that the Chicago Bears are not part of this elite trio (ahem ahem Maher)!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Sunday football trash talk yall

Two undefeated teams, The New York Giants and my team the New Orleans Saints, went into the dome for the week 6 NFL game of the season. Only one could come of it still undefeated. NO, it wasn't the team that took the Super Bowl victory two years ago. It was the absolutely amazing SAINTS who have never even been to the Super Bowl. They beat NY by some really embarassing number that I'll spare you from. Let's just say the Saints tied a record number of touchdowns. I was embarassed for the opposition just watching this game.

The Saints are UNDEFEATED 5-0, do you have anything you'd like to say Maher?

Mr.Brooklyn is my die-hard Jets fan classmate who thought'd it'd be nice to send me a congratulatory sms after the game only to proceed to do some trash-talking.

Brooklyn: Asoom taking out BOTH new york teams! lol mabrook

Asoom: lol. U New Yorkers can't take a little bit of heat?

Brooklyn: (NY) Giants are a disgrace (NY) Jets only allowed you guys one td. Giants allowed you guys twenty.

Asoom: We tied a record today with those touchdowns. Brees wasn't playing too well in the (NY) Jets game and we still managed to win. Don't hate we totally earned that win.

Brooklyn: Brees wasn't playing cuz our defense was up his ass. Don't hate you guys won that game cuz of our rookie qb mistakes.

Asoom: Saints won because our defense kicked ass all around

Brooklyn: Easy now don't get too ahead of yourselves

An hour later......

Brooklyn: Brady threw 5 td passes in first half lol Brees record will be broken

Asoom: Dude you're playing a 1-4 team!

Brooklyn: Not my fault. Don't hate.

This book made me feel a bit better about life!

The last book I finished reading was Something Borrowed by Emmily Giffin . I loved this book, it was the ultimate classic feel good chick lit. It made me smile and had me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Yes I realize it's a story about infedility and affairs but don't judge it, give it a chance! If you're a girl that reads chances are you'll probably see something about yourself in Rachel, the main character. She's 30, simple, still single, a lawyer and has a best friend (Darcy) who isn't as intelligent and well-intentioned as her but still seems to outshine her in almost everything....only on the surface though!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama's wins the Nobel Peace Prize

We live in a day where being "not-Bush" and being talented in articulation wins you the Nobel Peace Prize. Leaders of superpowers should be held at a higher standard than that, that's my 2 cents!

I still like the guy and would totally invite him over for dinner anyday, but I would not have given it to him.

Maher the kid is now engaged!

Alf Alf Mabrook to Maher who is getting officially engaged today! Ba3dain decided to announce it as some kind of casual statement on a post about football?

I wish the two of you love and happiness forever and lots of years watching Super Bowls together. Let's just hope for her sake that she's not a Saints fan ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This one is for Maher: a football post

The wonderful Maher, an ex-blogger, has a pattern of stopping by this blog once in a blue moon. That blue moon usually occurs during football season sometime around Monday. He'll usually ignore the nature of the latest post and leave a comment regarding his take on yesterday's round of games and his prediction for the next :)

Maher is a very nice kid, but one thing really bothers me is that he doesn't have very much faith in the ability of my team: The New Orleans Saints! I do realize we don't have the most impressive history. I mean we've never been to a Super Bowl and God Almighty knows we've had some shameful seasons-but that's all history. We're actually a pretty good team!

Maher was surprised when last week the Saints made a minced meat pie out of the Philadelphia Eagles who've had their share of championships. That placed the Saints at 3 wins and ZERO losses. Then he went on to say that he believes the New York Jets, who also have an impressive record like the Eagles, will be the Saints first loss. I didn't respond and just pretended to not be offended. One of my colleagues is a tough kid from Brooklyn who is a die-hard Jets fan; he even admitted to me that he was nervous about the game because the Saints were "pretty good". Both teams went in to the game today thus far undefeated.

People said the Eagles would beat us, the Bills would beat us, the Jets would beat us. People say the Saints are all about Drew Brees, we're all about offense. Well today definitely wasn't Drew Brees' greatest day, nor was it Reggie Bush's. We just proved that we have some pretty monster players with not very famous names and a pretty kickass defense.

Well Maher, the New Orleans Saints just gave the New York Jets their first loss of the season by beating them 24-10! You were mistaken my dear friend. I wonder, do you still believe the Jets are going to the superbowl this year?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My take on the Hijabi Monologues

I saw the show recently. It was AMAZING!

The widely acclaimed show is the Muslim version spinoff of the popular Vagina Monologues. Going to it I was a bit skeptical and was expecting it to be perhaps corny and cheesy and not very intellectual, but nevertheless I still thought I’d enjoy some light-hearted humor. My preconceived notions wasn’t because I don’t think anything is intellectual about being a hijabi in America, but just because I thought it was probably going to be so PC and censored since us hijabis have to represent all the damn time and all. ESPECIALLY since it’s real actresses performing real stories and not an anonymous author operating under a pseudoname. MAN was I was completely mistaken. For starters, this show is barely PG-13 rated.

The very first skit was about how us hijabis in America are always expected to be the walking public representation of Islam. In it, a girl is confronted by a man using violent language towards her and she wishes to reply in a similar fashion. I’m a hijabi by choice, but I did not choose to wear hijab because I wanted to represent Islam. That is a responsibility that’s way beyond me to handle. I make mistakes and I’m far from perfect. The mistakes I make should be a representation of me, and not my beliefs. When I see those thoughts and feelings of mine that frankly most people who don’t wear hijab just don’t understand come to life in that skit, I was moved to tears. It was such a huge relief to know that others feel the same way and it doesn’t make me a bad Muslim.

I loved the whole show: the FSU vs. UM college football game experience, the tale of aysha and ameer (which may have been a bit removed from reality), that what types of guys hit on girls in hijab skit, and especially the story of the post 9/11 arrest of Dr.sami al arian as told through the eyes of his daughter-another great tear jerker. However it was that very first skit I talked about in the previous paragraph that inspired something in me. Especially when during the show my non-hijabi glam friend sitting behind me texted me that she hates it and thought it was "humiliating" and a bad representation of Islam.

With that said I have something to say to all of those Muslim men, to the non-hijabis, and to those self-righteous hijabis who love to judge other hijabis. If I hear any comments about how non-hijabi like someone’s dress code is, how scandalous your holy brain believes it is it is that you saw a hijabi sitting with a table full of White guys in a restaurant, how shameful your genious mind thought it is that you saw a hijabi smoking hookah and singing along to an Arabic song, how outrageous it is that you heard a hijabi tell someone to 'kiss my ass', and how your highness thinks some hijabi is giving Islam a bad name because of A, B, and C and whatever else your momma taught I just want to say…………….FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU!

Do I have a sign on my back that says "JUDGE ME PLEASE" or one that says "IDENTIFY ALL MY IMPERFECTIONS"? Get a life and leave mine alone please. Go mind your own business before you mind mine. People like you create a society that makes my life harder than it needs to be. Sorry to break it to you, but I actually don’t answer to you or your momma, I answer to Allah (swt). You may not realize it but there is a lot of harm in your judgements. You see when I start to have to worry about what people like you are going to say, I lose sight of the bigger picture and my purpose of being here on Earth. My intentions start turning into "SHIT what's UmAli going to think?" instead of "Allah (swt) forbade me to do this". Maybe your own actions are motivated by what UmAli's flavor of the month is, but I don't care...or at least I try not to care.

Do you get my point? Now please, go worry about your own self before you "worry" about me.

"Where the Kardashians go clubbing"

I don't go to bars, and I don't go clubbing. First, why would I pust myself in a situation where I would feel so out of place? Just so I can say I've been there? Staghfurallah yall! Second, I don't drink so I don't have fun around a whole bunch of people who are drinking...nor would they think it's fun to be around me.

What's interesting that in my college town a few of the people that I've chose to surround myself with, those that I can feel most comfortable being myself around, those that I feel are just plain genuine and real, those that can make me laugh the loudest...just so happen to live a different lifestyle than I do. As a result of that sometimes I find myself on the receiving end of some friendly teasing.

Yesterday I was hanging out with some of my old class friends (I don't like my new class..there I said it!) like the good old days. One of the guys announced he was going to this club in the city tmorrow and extended the invite. The name couldn't make a difference to me but it generated some excited "oooohhss" from the girls. They were definitely interested in going. So the party pooper that I am I attempted to guilt trip them out of it.

"Hey I thought you said no more party stuff and that you were going to get really serious about school now."

"well yea but ummmm...." friend #1 replied.

"Ok but this is like......where the Kardashians go clubbing!" chimed in Persian Princess.

"Ok fine then....while you guys are out clubbing in the city just think about me. Keep me in mind while you guys are having your fun." I said with a pout.

"Hey hey there...." replied Persian princes

"What do you wanna do then huh? you wanna go to the movies? you wanna go watch a movie then? Let's all go watch a movie" Said the club-invite guy in a mocking nerd-like tone of voice.

"yea wanna go watch Ya Ya Sisterhood or something? Let's all go watch the Ya Ya Sisterhood?" added HotJordanianGuy

"I belive that's out on DVD" said club-invite guy back in his nerdy mocking voice

The movies? hah! as funny as they were.....I should have told them I can do more for fun than just watch movies, I read books sometimes too!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

on being extremely homesick

I just got off an almost 2 hour long phone conversation with one of my friends/classmates who is extremely homesick; I mean extremely homesick like to the point where I'm so genuinely worried about her well-being. It's kind of funny because I've had this very same conversation like twice today with 2 different other classmates. Our class this year is so effing.......................just plain sucky! high school with adults. I don't feel the support system I felt a year ago.

Back to my friend, she says this place is so different from home and she can't get comfortable. She can't be herself in these surroundings and she's constantly walking on a tight rope, it's mentally tiring! The difference between me and her is that I still try. I have just accepted that I can be close friends with someone who believes in a completely different thing than I do. Someone that lives a completely different lifestyle than me. I can take them for what they can give me and just enjoy the comforts we can give each other as friends. This isn't like your hometown. We don't have to understand where we're coming from. We don't have to totally relate to one another, we just have to relate enough and once you can accept that you start moving into your comfort zones with people.

She says she just can't do that. That'll just add to her feeling like she's fake and not genuine. As much as I tried to convince her out of that mindest, I actually feel the exact same way she's feeling many times.