Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm going to love this song forever!

It was a little bit past midnight and we were sitting on the restaurant/bar/cafe's only cozy sofa in the back corner. It was the last day of my friend's visit and we waited about an hour for it to get free after we had dinner; smoking argilleh on the high dinner table didn't feel relaxing enough. We kept making side glances at the lone man to see if he was still sitting there-our sofa dammit!

When the comfy corner was finally free we inconvenienced our new friend, the waiter, to move our the contents of our table to the coffee table by the sofa. He recognized that we were making this place a regular hangout and decided to come over and make some small talk. "Haven't I seen you here before aside from yesterday"...."yes" I replied. "I was here about a month ago with my...ummmmm (what should I call him what should I call him what should I call him) 'fiance'! " He told us he moved here to play in a band and works here at night.

It was a long day full of walking so we kicked our shoes off and felt comfortable enough to fold our legs up and lean back on the giant pillows as we shared a mango hookah and giggled at the shenanigans of drunk tourists.

Then I heard it! There was a sudden switch from the persian music to this song and it got me bobbing my head a little. What is this song? When the chorus played I had to interrupt my friend in mid-sentence.

"wait I'm sorry, do you know what this song is? who sings it?"

"I don't know. It's sounds cool though, I know I've heard this song before"

"Dude this song is awesome I have to know who sings this before I leave."

"let's ask our waiter"

At this point I'm sitting half off of the couch and totally swaying to the beat and my friend has caught on to the chorus."
"Hey who sings this song?"

"ummmmmm damn! I can't remember. Pretty cool though right?"

Ummmm he's in a band and he isn't familiar with the songs his restaurant play???

"alright help me memorize some of these lines to google later on."

Have you ever felt that way? You're out in public a song comes in that has this magnetic effect on you. All of a sudden you just HAVE to know the name of the song. It happens to me at times but by the time I get to computer I just forgot all about it. Days later I remembered it again and miraculously I remembered some lines to google. It was an easy one to find and I've thus far listened to it like ten times tonight. It's called walk into the sun by Dirty Vegas. Apparently what I heard in the restaurant was the remix version, but the original one is really awesome too and I embedded both versions here for you to sample. I will love this song forever!

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Hamza said...

We all do that, not only you. when I hear a new song that I like, I type some of the lyrics on my cellphone and google them later.