Friday, March 20, 2009

The Promise Ring

The trip to the jeweler was a surprise I didn't predict. He told me to pick out the ring I liked best. "This is to hold you over until you get the real thing....." or what's commonly known as a promise ring. I must have been glowing smiles because the sales lady told me twice I had pretty teeth. After trying on a few styles I ended up choosing one of the more simpler traditional-looking rings with tiny diamonds shaped into a square. Seeing me so happy made his eyes glow a brighter green. I couldn't keep my eyes off him with an expression that read 'I can't believe you'.

This morning I woke up so happy. Then I wondered, what does a girl do with the promise ring when she gets an engagement ring?

I've refrained from blogging about this aspect of my life, but I decided if I'm going to continue blogging it's just inevitable.


Anonymous said...

wallah I am so busy, but seeing your title at my google reader made me take an emergency about priorities loool

Awwal shee ya 7abibti ya Asoom, mish mazboota minnik abadan abadan jump from saying nothing to here we are buying a "promise ring" w "This is to hold you over..."!!! badna na3ref shou sar in between..Just kidding ;)

Anyways, Inshallah ya rabbi you wake up everyday as happy and more. Once u get an engagement ring, this one should be saved and given to your daughter, tell her the story of how it all started !!

Alf mabrook ya ammoura :)

asoom said...

Noura lol, I'm honored to know my blog post was your emergency break! I'm trying to avoid making my blog super personal and I contemplated whether I should blog about this subject or not for some time now.

I get annoyed some times when bloggers I've been following just make this major announcement on their blog regarding something important that they never nmentioned before. It's like what! when did this happen? lol.

Thank you for the wishes and for the suggestion....I didn't even think of that one!

vagueraz said...

mabroook :) ...

mm, and about the promise ring keep it , it will become a nice memory , every time you look @ it you will remember this unforgatable moment :)

btw , you have a nice blog :)

7aki Fadi said...

Awwwww this is great news!

Maybe after it's all set and done you can tell us the story of how you met and stuff :).

His Sweetheart said...

Congrats sweetheart

It looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Whats a promise ring? Promise of what? I didn't get the concept, mind explaining? :-)

asoom said...

vagueraz, welcome to my blog and thank you very much. Yea I'm definitely keeping it and might just wear it on a different finger.

7aki, thanks babe :) yea I'm still warming up to the idea of blogging about this part of my life

His, thank you so much!

dubai guy, hmmm the concept of the promise ring I guess is a more recent trend. It's a symbol of committment or basically a precursor to an engagement ring in our case. Also it could mean different things to different people and depends on the context it's given in. Thanks for visiting

secratea said...

I hate hate hate never getting in touch with you for a while over the phone to hear about this whole deal.. LOOOL.. blame my comps! hehehe

Dude, this promise ring thing IS a CUTE move from his side, I never heard of it but i totally adore it! yalla, 3u2baaal the engagement ring 7abeebti, inshalla :)

details details details are demanded.. i will contact you off line soooon :)

Goofy Girl said...

Yay!! Congrats :)

nido said...

yaaaay...alf mabrook:D

Who said you shouldn't write personal stuff on your own blog? let us know how it happened!
I like yr ring, so cute! Alf mabrook again asoom:)

nido said...

Oh wait! is that zales?! The 1st jewelery my husband got me was from their shop! A pair of butterfly earings :$ I love them!!

Hamza said...


a new chapter is opening in your life. Don't forget to publish it.


asoom said...

secratea, yea you're a hard one to stay in touch with ;) this guy is full of all sorts of cute moves. Good luck with your comps and I look forward to hearing from you!

Goofy, thanks girly!

Nido, lol well my old blog got too personal for my own comfort and that's part of the reason why I started over...but from now it'll be impossible to keep a blog and not mention this part of my life ; Anyway, YES he took me to Zales...the same place your butterfly earings came from

Hamza, yea I guess you can say that...a new chapter is starting to open. If there weren't so many weirdos around the blogosphere I'd feel more comfortable blogging about it. 3ubalak ;)

KJ said...

Am slow today

I had to read the comments to realize whats going on LOL!


Omg you are getting there! There is hope for the rest of us then :D

kinzi said...


I knew you were in love, you've been giving 'hints' for some time now!!! I think you even commented on my "Love is in the Air" post in a way that raised my love-radar. :D

Sounds like he adores you! That is the ultimate barometer if he is worthy of your love.

I was given my grandmother and grandfather's promise ring dated 1918. Their love spanned two world wars, the loss of one son and a depression. When my husband gave me a 10th anniversary diamond eternity band, I had my wedding set, the band, and their promise ring stacked and soldered. Every time I look at my left hand I thank God for their example, and trust they can see the pleasure I still receive nearly 100 years later.

May your promise ring, and your commitment, impact the lives of your grandchildren too.

Beave said...

That is so amazing! Congratulations I am very happy for you!

Sam said...

mabrook ...the ring is so cute..i love it the same guy u were talking about few months ago?? cant wait to hear more about your mystery man..

asoom said...

KJ, allah ybarik feek. Ba3dain what is this "ya3ni there's hope for the rest of us?" Why wouldn't there be? Just because we're bloggers ya3ni we're not that anti-social. Yes there's someone out there for all of us and I'm sure your princess is out there waiting for you to make your appearance as well ;)

Kinzi, lol yes i guess I have dropped a couple of hints here and there. Awwww so this tradition of hte promise ring has been around I guess, I thought it was one of those new modern trends in this complex time that we live in.

Beave, thank you very much!

Sam, lol thank you so much. No this is a guy that I've never mentioned on my blog. His coming into my life is recent and things moved fast....when something is right, it's right!

eshda3wa said...


mabroook baba

where have u been hiding this part of ur life haa

yallah i want details !

queenie said...

Awww! Thanks for sharing this with us! Allah ytamimilkom 3ala khair :)

asoom said...

eshda3wa, thank you girly

queenie, shukran kteer

مياسي said...

i like the ring:)

asoom said...

Miyasi...allaybarik feeki..thank you!

Taniya said...

It looks so adorable and amazing ring. I love it!!

vintage rings said...

Amazing ! It is great to know about your promise ring. It sounds to be too special for you. Wish you this ring bring good luck in your life..Kudos !