Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Abuwalker

Me: What do you want to name our first born?

Him:Bold You have somethin in mind?

Me: I like francoise, william, gideon, genevieve, gwendolyn, and billy joe

Him: Perfect

Him: Add walker and texas ranger to the list

Me: lol ur so cute. I should start calling you abu walker

Him: haha it was a joke, you didnt see taladega nights: the balad of ricky bobby?

(5 minutes later)

Me: I just had a great idea! Abuwalker is going to be your pseudoname on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

loool...too cute.
ur son is gonna hate u though!

asoom said...

he's gonna hate him, shoo dakhalni ana?

His Sweetheart said...

7ram don't call him that! He will really hate you!

Anonymous said...

but please don't call him that, he will get beaten up on the playground :(

eshda3wa said...

i love how the blog is always at the back of ur mind

KJ said...

gwendolyn? Are you gonna give birth to elves?

asoom said...

His, who the son or the future husband? lol I think walker is a cool name

anon, no he wont he'll be so cool

eshda3wa, lol yea that happens a lot actually. I'm always looking for writing inspiration!

KJ, not elves dude, witches! haven't you ever seen wicked?

Hamza said...

walker eh?

so that his nickname (dala3) would be "walkie".

and if he is as talkative as his mom, his friends will call him: "hey walkie talkie"


Yea I approve the name :P

Goofy Girl said...

:D Adorable!