Friday, May 1, 2009

Skip work and brunch!

I took a day and a half off work to play tour guide to a good friend from school who was visiting. We both love food and it happened to be the day before her birthday. So I took her out to a celebration-appropriate brunch buffet place where a band with actual cellos and violins can play happy birthday, that was the coolest thing!

The second coolest thing was their buffet lineup that included lots of things we've never tried before. I like to try everything at least once, unfortunately my friend isn't as daring and considered duck too weird to eat. Whatever!

I don't know if alcoholic drinks taste way better than their virgin versions cause this one was was basically a V8 but much more expensive.
What does turtle taste like? Well in soup form it's rich, creamy, and spicy. In fact after a few spoons I felt like I couldn't handle anymore.

I'm not sure why I wasted plate space on some cucumbers.

The pecan candied yams were AMAZINGGGGGG. It almost inspired me to want to learn a few recipes to cook myself.....almost.

I believe seafood goes with omelets and other egg products better than any kind of meat does.

You've never had bananas foster until you've had this. The stuff at IHOP, PF changs, and most sushi restaurant desert menus don't even compare!

Missing on the buffet was frog legs! My experience is they tastes like soft spicy chicken. It would have been nice to have some escargot there (yummy snails). I've yet to try snake, alligator, crocodile, or insects. I hear they may be haraam though. So what's the most exotic thing you had? what'd it taste like?


Hamza said...

well..definitely not as exotic as this. mashalla. you managed to eat all of this.

jaraad said...

I usually don’t order the same dish from the same restaurant unless; it is Hardees where I always order my favorite 1/3 lb. “Original Charbroiled Thickburger”. The best burger you can get anywhere.
I don’t remember what my most exotic food was since I like all kind of food and I have tried many different things. But I remember I once ate at a real authentic Indian restaurant in Malaysia were food is served on wide banana leaves with no silverware. On our table there were different dishes served on small bowls, you put small amount of each on your banana leaf. Every now and then the waiter will come by to put more white rice on your banana leaf. The tradition is when you are done if you like the food you fold the banana leaf to your side and if not you fold it to the opposite side. The experience itself was more exotic than the food.

mab3oos said...

the most exotic I've ever had was rabbit at a Moroccan restaurant. I guess not as exotic as turtles or snails.
I should look up a pecan/yam recipe. sounds good.

asoom said...

Hamza, actually it turned into more of a sampling...a couple of bites of everything.

Jaraad, you're making me want a burger right now lol. Oh my god I used to have a malaysian roomate and she made like the best food in the whole wide world. Sounds fun!

Mab3oos, well have you ever read rabbit mlukhiyya? apparently rabbit and mlukhiyya go well together. When I was younger I used ot have pet rabbits but my mom gave them to our arab neighbors who made rabbit mlukhiyya out of it. They gave us some but I wouldn't touch it and became all depressed.

Yameen said...

:( why whyyy do u have to post pictures of foooood??? hehe looks tasty :) sa7tain