Monday, May 25, 2009

Nuggets VS Lakers and whose Michael Jordan?

me: oooooh the game is getting close
abuwalker: yeah
me: I'm cheering for the lakers
abuwalker: i wouldnt even think about marrying you if u were serious
me: whyI'm just creting excitement
abuwalker: thats not creating excitment
thats siding with the enemy
me: calm down drama queen
abuwalker: well cant have any traitors
me: whatever
the lakers wear nicer uniforms anyway
abuwalker: nah
me: white? I've never seen white nuggets
abuwalker: they look gay
me: yea I know the nuggets look gay with their white uniforms

me: ufff there's still one more quarter?
lakers lakers lakers lakers
Oh I kno another basketball player
michael jordan michael jordan michael
what team is he on anyway
Abuwalker: seriously?
me: what
Abuwalker: wow, i thought every person in the world knew what team michael jordan had played for
me: not everyone in the world
I bet you my grandma wouldn't know that
Abuwalker: she might
i would say the majority of people in the world know about michael jordan
people who have never seen a basketball game know of him
me: well I knew OF him
Abuwalker: yes u did


mab3oos said...

I thought MJ played for الحسين إربد

asoom said...

well ok but dont ever mention that in front of abuwalker. thank god he no longer visits my blog

Hamza said...

tsk tsk tsk..I even know that he plays for chicago bulls

But honestly, I didn't know that he ended his career with washington wizards till recently

mab3oos said...

he came back from retirement to play with the Wizards because he became a minority owner and wanted to up the profile of the franchise.

asoom said...

I've never heard of the Wizards

what a stupid team name anyway.....why don't you be the witches or the vampires?

mab3oos said...

they're in DC. It is a stupid name. Just like the Senators, DC's baseball team!