Monday, June 8, 2009

You should marry me..........

I got some emails from an interested bachelor thanks to my cousin on the West coast whose been looking out for me. At work I showed it to Angela to get her opinion, we decided that other than him being irrationally prejudiced against makeup-we really like him! Angela then took it upon herself to write a reply email on my behalf. What do yall think....should I send it?

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

I think u should know that I’m hot and fun and good girl and you should marry me, I will get a few tattoos of makeup before I make that promise to you,but don’t worry inshallah once the procedures are done im going to make that promise! ;) just one more question before we end our interviews, are you really hairy? ;) ok well I am UPSing all my stuff to boston next week see you soon!

Love asoom



mab3oos said...

ask him if he calls every body "habibi"? If so, then there is no promise. period.

His Sweetheart said...

What! Is that serious!

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

Pure genius! I dare you to send it! :D

asoom said...

mab3oos, lol he definitely isn't that type!

His, yea she wrote some more

Mona, if I sent it I would never heard the end of it. He knows my family!