Sunday, June 21, 2009

Those last few lbs: to pilates or not to pilates

In the past I've been known to make drastic efforts or substantial investments when I'm feeling not so fit with the hopes that this will be the push I need. Sometimes it's worth it, but sometimes it's really not. The problem is it's almost impossible to predict beforehand whether it's going to result in a favorable outcome or if it's just another waste of time and money.

Investing in the Tae Bo set of DVDs and accessories when I was in high school was worth it. Getting a personal trainer in my college town proved worthy, and the first time I signed up for the services of a weight loss clinic was a worthy investment. When it's not worth it I lose money and time. I'm not sure it's worth it that I got a gym summer membership. This gym isn't cheap and since I started working I've only been going like 2x a week for some workout now is nothing I can't do at home and hardly compares to the hardcore routine I was doing with a trainer. Also, it totally wasn't worth it that I re-signed up with that clinic when I felt the weight starting to come back on. My last appt with the nutritionist is this week and the second time around was a total waste of $350.

The past couple of years I lost a lot of weight and I would really like to lose 15 more pounds to reach my perfect happy place. However, since I've been home for the summer I put back on about 5-10 lbs....which isn't too much in comparison to what I lost, but it's definitely enough to make me feel yuck. Plus, it's not a good sign and it's not the direction I want to be going in.

What I'm involved in now-the gym and the nutritionist-haven't changed anything. So it's time to do something different to get me over this little bump in the road I've hit. After considering various options I'm seriously thinking about going to a pilates studio. My friend Randy started going there as part of her post-separation makeover and although it's only been a couple of weeks I've definitely seen the difference in her. Her tummy is flatter, she sits up taller, and she raves about it. Well, I wanna strengthen my core too dammit! I have a month and a half left to go back to school and it would be totally awesome to go back thinner than how I left. I think I'm getting bored with my current routine and trying something new and more challenging just might do the trick.

So what's the problem then? money honey! It's expensive and schedule-wise it's not very flexible which it should be for those prices. Before you sign up with any of their programs you have to take at least 2 private lessons to bring you up to basics and make sure you know what you're doing. Those lessons are 70 bucks a piece. Then you have to purchase some sort of package of classes. You can't just go in and out to take classes as you please, which makes sense....but it also makes it expensive!

I can afford pilates for my body if I start cutting some serious corners. So blog readers, what do you think? to pilates or not to pilates?


shmal said...

Not to pilates, invest in something better, like donate the money to so I can buy a new guitar :P

My Getaway said...

I say go for it! It could be something that works well for you. I actually am thinking about it too but I think I need to lose some more weight first cause isn't it to help you tone up more than lose weight?

KJ said...

Dunno dear, you'd think that now that everybody is into sports, they will reduce prices a bit. The gym I am in robs you point blank and the trainers are expensive, and for a guy like me who can't seem to memorize the order of exercises or the weights I use per set I need someone!

karmi said...

If you can afford it then perhaps you should go try it. If anything, it will be something great to do in summer.

asoom said...

Shmal.....I think I have the greater cause. Besidea you can always find a you donate to me!

My getaway, yea you're right it's main focus it to help you gain strength and tone you up although it does help lose weight because building muscle=burning fat. If you're main priority is to lose fat I'd hold off on the pilates.

KJ, lol...we should get together and see if we can get a 2-for-1 special

Karmi, yea the problem is can I actually afford it?