Saturday, June 13, 2009

The craziest thing you ever snuck into a movie theater

I don't have a problem with the inflated prices of movie theater snacks as much as I have a problem with the selection. First of all, I think it's the stupidest thing that movie theaters don't normally serve coffee. Coffee/espresso drinks makes perfect sense when watching a movie. Second of all, where are the chocolate covered almonds? They have chocolate covered everything else.

Third of all, it's all junk food. What if I'm not in the mood for heavy, buttery, cheesy, sugary, and greasy? Sometimes I crave healthy snacks that make me feel good to eat, especially if it's late at night, but if I'm watching a movie in a theater then I'm totally screwed. I find saltless, butterless popcorn nasty.

So last night we had no choice but to catch the latest showing of The Hangover because it's the only time Suzy could secure a babysitter (her husband when he gets home from work). I came up with this totally genious idea to overcome my movie theater food anxieties. I boiled a bag of edamame (soybean) and packed them in a large ziploc to be put in my sister's oversized purse. I was pretty sure all the girls would be excited about the edible alternative I provided. Instead, they all kinda laughed, all 7 of them lol.

Although throughout the movie I kept hearing "dude, are you serious?" I very happily ate edamame straight out of sister's purse, drank water, and used Randy's nacho box to put the peels in.

So what's the craziest thing you snuck into a movie?


Shmal said...

We men don't carry oversized purses, so it's harder for us. The last time I snuck food into a movie theater was in the 9th grade when me and my friend felt like having cheeseburgers and beer :) God bless baggy pants back then..

jaraad said...

A Pepsi and popcorn cost the same as the movie ticket. It makes no sense to pay that much money beside I don’t like popcorn. And as you said sipping coffee while watching a movie is way better than drinking a cold Pepsi. But I think there is a reason for not serving hot drinks for safety issues, I guess.
I wonder how the audience will react if you sneaked crunchy carrots instead of tasteless boiled soybeans :-)

Organica said...

Microwavable popcorn :)

asoom said...

shmal....tsk tsk tsk

jaraad, hmmm I didn't even think about the safety precaution thing. Interesting. I've been to some theaters that do serve hot drinks but they were always local movie houses never those chains. I think carrots are tasteless, edameme is really good-it's like potato chips to me!

organica, lol, and if you can buy a some movie popcorn boxes or bags to put it in that would be even more genious

Anonymous said...

Last time i was at the movies they threw me out for bringing my own food the greedy monopolising b@*tards. It was a shame because it had been a long time since i had a barbeque.

karmi said...

you're so cool! i would have loved those edamames. the craziest i sneaked in with me were pieces of raw green mangoes in a plastic bag and on another occasion, a corn on a cob...hahaha! i was hungry. just like you, i sometimes hate the greasy stuff they have in movies. oh, but i do love the gummy bears.

Anonymous said...

sunflower seeds and the other tiny size kind, don't know its name !! I was having so much fun until my friend told me about the noise am making while cracking the seeds, she ruined it for me..:)

asoom said...

anon, lol. How can u have bbq in the dark?

Karmi, mangoes? corn on the cob! I'd say that crazier than the edamame!

Noura, I'm sure you won't nosier than those crunching on the nacho chips when the cheese runs out (they never put enough cheese). Where did you put the seed shells?