Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls: you need your girlfriends

I've never understood those girls that drop their friends once they get a guy, or girls whose social lives revolve around doing things with their family and family acqaintances (how fricking boring), or even worse.....girls that don't get along well with other girls BUT as soon as you put a guy in the picture all of a sudden they turn into miss confidence. I've always been a girls girl.

Your girls are important. What you get out of your solid relationships with your girlfriends is something you don't get from your mama, your daddy, your whole family, your significant other, your guy friends, your role model or mentor, your successful career, or your achievements. You can relate to and understand each other on a unique level.

When the pops is being unreasonable, when the mister in your life is being a butthole, when you failed a test, when you gain 5 pounds, when you randomly feel lonely, when you PMS, when you HAVE to have those overpriced sandals-your girls get it!

I grew up around a really tight group of girls. There was always something going on-we were always doing stuff. Today we compare ourselves to that awesome Now & Then movie. Throughout the years we lost some members, we gained some newbies, and some of us went in and out. Sure, there have been catfights, jealousies, tensions, competitions, family issues, grudges....that all comes with the nature of such relationships. At the end of the day if you survived in our group it's all worth it because the fun and fulfillment that you experience outweighs all the collective drama-which by the way gets less and less as you get older.

I can't imagine life without a good group of girlfriends that have your back at the end of the day. Your khalto can throw you a bridal shower, but your girlfriends can put together the most creatively-themed suprise bridal shower you've ever been to. We all go on family road trips and I'm sure honeymoons are exciting, but there's probably nothing like a girls getaway to get your mind off things. When you breakup with someone your family will make sure you're safe and protected, but your girlfriends will call you at regular intervals and put together a special care package with letters they wrote telling you that you were so much better than him anyway.

With that I leave you with a feel-good montage from one of my favorite movies:


KJ said...

I believe most guys would also say the same thing anout their guy friends when they're hitched!

Jaz said...

Nice post, I envy you that! I used to have a good group of girl friends but now I'm married, my best friend has moved to London to be with her husband & is pregnant.. the others are off doing their own thing and you're right! It is boring!
I wish I knew how to make girl friends, I find boys in general a bit easier to talk to and with girls it can be a little awkward.
Can you post some tips on how to be a girls girl? Maybe it comes naturally but I totally miss having someone to complain to!

Yameen said...

hmm can i disagree?? :p not to generalize but i do find girls a teeny bit shallow, the ones i had in my life anyway, or jealous like u said, like it's a competition, she always has to look better or have the better looking guy or something or the higher marks. whatever it is she just has to have it better than me. guys are sooo much simpler, even when things get complicated, its never a competition with them, its just 2 friends being friends. I am yet to find a girl i can carry a meaningful conversation with without having that weird feeling at the end that something wrong has just happened. i've always been the kind who has more guy friends than girl friends (mom hates it) and they covered everything when it comes to being very close friends, we'd even go shopping :D . Only lately, my cousin is getting married, i am going to be her bridesmaid, i was wondering who's going to be mine in the future, which is why i'm feeling a bit down, so yea please post some tips about that lol, i just think its kind of freaky going up to a girl and asking her heyyy wana be friends?? :p

Goofy Girl said...

I think it can be hard to find good friends male or female - but there's nothing like it in the world :)

karmi said...

Nice post. I agree with you. I myself am thankful to friends for everything. My life would just be sad and terrible without them.

asoom said...

KJ.......I'm not getting hitched dude.

Jaz and yameen, I started replying with some possibly helpful tips but I decided to just put it in a post cause it was too long!

Goofy, so true!

karmi, I totally agree with you

Shmal said...

Ya Yameen, you'd rather go up to a guy and ask him : Heyy, wanna be friends :D ?