Friday, June 12, 2009

The book that just won't finish

Isn't that so annoying? I've been reading Angels & Demons for like the past 3 weeks and this book just won't finish. I just can't stand reading it anymore and I really want it to finish it so that I can start a book I actually feel like reading. Thinking about having to finish this dumbass book is like giving me stress. I stil have about 100 pages to go.

It's a great book, but having read Dan Brown's other big book, The Davinci Code, I can already predict the overall plot cause authors retain their storytelling style. For example, I totally knew from the beginning who the villians were going to be (I knew Kohler was involved). I know they're going to have to solve puzzles and decipher clues, how they did it was unexciting and unsuspenseful cause I know they're going to do it and they're going to be right. I already know that they're going to stop the antimatter from destroying vatican city and that langdon isn't going to die. So it's hard to feel suspense during any of those fighting-for-his-life scene when I know he's going to make it anyway.

I'm so not in the mood, I want to read a girly book but this book is in my way. Yesterday I had the day off so I blocked out chunks of time to just speed read this book with no other side distractions. At the end of the day I resented the book even more and wanted to put Dan Brown on my hit list because I didn't go to the gym, I didn't go to lunch with my mom at her friend's house, and I only got through like 70 pages.

This book is like being in a bad relationship. It makes you miss out on living your own life. It makes you feel frustrated and it drains you. At the end of the day you have very little to show for it (70 pages??? I feel like I spent at least half the day reading!), and yet you still go back and give it another chance.


Shmal said...

If you don't actually "feel like reading the book", ma 7ada darabek 3ala eedik to finish it :P. You've never read half a book and thrown it away ?

asoom said...

shmal, I wish I could actually do that. I can't intentionally not finish a book, it makes me feel like I failed at something which is worse than 7ada darabni 3a eedi, or even 7ada yudrubni shaloot.

In recent times the only time I didn't finish books is when I physically lose them. Plus, I don't want to miss out on that feeling of achievement that comes with finishing a book.

vagueraz said...

nice to have this ability to finish a book ,,, :) keep on sweety ,,,
know smthing i have 3 books in pending status waiting me to finish them ,,,,, :( ,,,
actually , i'm not in the mood of reading , which made me sad ...

I'm not with shamel lamma 7aka zay ely darabek 3la edek !!! no ur right it a nice feeling when you look or count a list of the all books u've been read :) ,. i read your post about the books that you read in year 2008 :) , ma sha2 allah 3aleeekii :) keep on dear :)

I wish be like you ;) since i like reading & wrtinig :)

el comment taba3y taweeel :Pp bas bytla3lee , mo ??? :Pp

karmi said...

I recommend you start another book. I'm biased. I'm not a fan of Dan Brown.

kinzi said...

I'm not reading this one, nor the other, as a form of protest. He took too many liberties insulting my faith.

Shmal said...

True that, I do feel a sense of achievement when I finish certain books but I also agree with Kinzi. I didn't finish Angels & Demons. I once bought Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion", in an attempt to understand and maybe battle Atheism, but I just COULD NOT finish it! It was preposterous!
Vagueraz, it's Shmal, not Shamel.
I also have 2 books on pending, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and "The Kite Runner". I hate being a MED STUDENT !

My Getaway said...

I never read one of his books,nor did I watch the movie. Once I watched the movie twilight I had to buy all the books,lol. Don't wanna go there again.

Shmal said...

Twilight ? Seriously...

Hamza said...

lol. I have the same feeling with videogames. hahahah

and go for it. try finishing the freakin book, and a tip for next time, don't watch the movie before reading the book. :P

KJ said...

Your time is more valuable than trying to finish a boring book. Think of the other good books you can read when you're wasting time on a stupid one. I think that's a better sense of achievement

My Getaway said...

Shmal- Yea seriously.

asoom said...

Alhamdulilah peeps I finished it!

vagueraz, Im curious what are your books? I can tell if they're good if I read them. and yes of course bitla3lik tiktibi long comments whenever you want ;)

Karmi, I finished it last night hallelujah!

kinzi, yea that' sa common criticism and I can see how people can feel that way

shmal, I read both of those books. The kite runner was the books that got me into reading after a long hiatus. I read it in like a couple of days and it was soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome. Men are from mars is a book that I read with someone. I liked it, that someone hated it.

asoom said...

my getaway, I'm a twilight fan. However I was a fan way before the movie. I didn't think the movie was that great and had I not known of the books before the movie I would probably be anti-twilight

shmal...don't dis it that book was like one of the best romance stories ever next to ella enchanted

Hamza, I've never seen either movie. I never saw davinci code or angels n demons. I can't read a book after watching the movie

KJ, if you stop a book when you're like halfway or more through it then you've REALY wasted your time.

mygetaway...yea tell him LOL

kinzi said...

Asoomeh, I forgot to check back on this thread, LOL the Venus/Mars comment.

Men don't like seeing their behaviors in print, do they? ;)

wait til you get married :)