Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't wear cheap eyeliner and watch this movie

Make sure you wear a good water-resistant one. That's my My Sister's Keeper movie review for you. I hope you liked it.

Also if you recently lost a loved one as a result of cancer or lost a sibling, I'd hold off on watching this movie. Don't worry you're not missing out, there are some other good movies out now.


kinzi said...

LOL, cheap eye-liner. :)

Another disclaimer, don't watch if you have a child. The minute you have one, you wear your heart outside your body and every child becomes yours.

thnx for the warning

His Sweetheart said...

Oh, I am impatinetly waiting for this movie! I know I will cry a river watching it though :S

emwah, thanks :D

nido said...

We've been waiting for this movie for a while now! It's our movie night tonight! so I think we'll watch this one :(
thanks for the review though ;)

jaraad said...

My eyes' irrigation system is very sensitive for this genre of movies. I decided not to watch such movies long time ago. I watched The Proposal instead.

queenie said...

Have you read the book yet? Which is better, the movie or book?

asoom said... just ruled out a huge portion of the population from being able to watch this film ;)You've narrowed it down to single women...I don't know if single men would go with this one when transformers and the hangover is still out there lol

His, If ou cry easily you're going to be a mess!

Nido, did you get to catch it? what'd you think? who did the most crying out of the 2 of you?

Jaraad, what'd you think of that one? My friends went but I passed it up cause it didn't look like something Id like

Queenie, I wanted to but I havent. My friend though said the book was better and the movie messed up the ending.

jaraad said...

Actually, the reason I went to watch the proposal was because I already watched hangover and I don't want to waste two and half hours of my already wasted time on transformers. To answer your question the proposal is nothing less or more than what you expect from such type of movies. You will get what you expect from this movie.

asoom said...

jaraad, yea i have no plans to watch the proposal in the near future