Monday, June 1, 2009

Can I get a thank you? Sheeshh!!!!

I work for a non-profit relief organization until I go back to school in the fall. It's a fun, rewarding job-but sometimes dealing with some people makes me wanna go "ughhhhhhhhhh"

We recently got a private special needs grant in a limited amount to help some clients with what we termed "special needs". We made a case to try to get assistance for a handful of people with urgent needs. We obtained specific information, wrote letters on their behalf, and then presented their cases in front of representatives that disburse these grants. I was really excited with the outcome; we were able to secure more funding than we were told was originally available.

So I began to coordinate getting the clients the things they needed. For one client we were trying to get a comprehensive eye exam and new eyeglasses for her child. The amount we got for her was pretty moderate and I wasn't sure if it would be enough. I called an eye doctor who I used to work for, him and his wife run his practice and I had good relations with them. I explained the situation and they agreed to provide the necessary services for the child for the limited amount we were able to get for them. So basically they've agreed to do a favor. So not only did we vouch for this person to get her this assistance, but we pulled some strings personally for her using our contacts.

I was really excited to call her up and deliver the good news. All she had to do was make an appointment with the eye doc and show up for it, the rest is taken care of. So what kind of thank you did we get? " well um. Ok um......well fine but this is going to be have to around my work schedule."

I guess she was disappointed because she really wanted her rent paid, we don't do that lady!


Hamza said...

in this type of work, it is normal not to get gratitude.

Goofy Girl said...

Sometimes people... sigh!!

karmi said...

I think Hamza is right. Some people take the assistance from NPOs/ NGOs as a given... even as a right they're entitled to.

asoom said...

Hamza, yes that's what my supervisor has been telling me since day one

goofy, yea I know!

karmi, you're totally right. Alot of people we work with have the attitude that our agency's services is their right. They don't see it as aid or assistance.

Noor said...

I'm envious u get to volunteer!!! people, what can u say? at least ur doing it for the satisfaction, ;)

keep it up... god bless.