Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real Housewife of New Jersey rumours are true

Identity change? Crack whore? Paid escort? Drug courrier? Involved with the Columbian drug trade? Extortionist? Kidnapping a hostage for ransom? and now a sex tape? Yea apparently it's all true.

I'm one of those people that has a natural tendency to side with the underdog. I really felt bad for Danielle when she became the ostracized one of the group. Sure she was inappropriate with some of her behavior such as dating a guy 20 years younger than her, but none of those ladies were angels (maybe Jackie) and they really made her out to be a freak. I even thought of her blonde nemesis Dina as a troublemaker who disprespected Danielle in her own home.

When this book written like 20 years ago about the life of Danielle's ex-husband, a voilent drug dealer turned cop, was discovered by the other housewives Danielle found herself defending herself regarding some really outrageous tales about her past when she was known by a different name. The entertainment media of course had a circus with the new shocking discovery giving the show more attention than when Kelly Bensimon of New York was arrested for beating up her boyfriend. Anyway, the book coming out of the closet added fuel to the fire as the other housewives become more weary of her presence and regarded her as a dangerous person to even be involved with. Which she would be if those things were actually true.

During the now very famous dinner confrontation scene thanks to youtube, Danielle stated that only two things written about her in that book were true: 1) that she changed her name and 2) that she was arrested. She was arrested as an accessory to a crime and was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Silly me I believed her.

The morning following the show reunion part 1, outed her by obtaining her criminal records and publishing 26 pages for all to see. She was not arrested as an accessory as she said, she was directly involved and probably even orchestrated the whole thing. I heard it on the regular morning radio show news driving to work.

"Staub, once known as Beverly Ann Merrill, was arrested by FBI agents in June 1986 for her role in a kidnapping plot that grew out of a cocaine deal gone bad. According to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Miami, Merrill and Daniel Aguilar, who distributed narcotics for a Colombian drug family, sought to extort a $25,000 ransom from a man whose son they were holding."

If you haven't seen Teresa's table flip scene on youtube yet here it is. I must admit it kinda annoyed me that this is MY show that I faithfully follow and now all of these people tuned in just because some hot-headed Italian went berserko on TV. This show totally reinforced all of those New Jersey stereotypes.


Organica said...

Actually, I could tell from the very beginning that this Danielle person had *issues* and was put in the show to poke and annoy other housewives. She is extremely unattractive. Everything about her is FAKE and she is a wannabe. She SO wants to be part of Dina's group, she would go as far as sitting outside the hair salon when they are getting ready for a girl's night out.

The fact that she overexposes her daughters tells you how crazy she is. Her confrontation with Dina and Caroline part 2 of the finale indicated that she was *Crazy*. Suddenly after the girls explained what happened with the book, she backed down, and apologized and went on how "she learned her lesson!"

It was too fake. Dina was trying to be the better person.

Caroline however broke down because apparently Danielle tried to hurt her in some way? Who knows how! Given her criminal record, maybe she tried to kill her or physically harm her. I wouldn't put it past her.

Finally, Danielle wanted the attention, wanted to be exposed and is living her 15 minutes of fame. She said it last night, "People come up to be and are supportive...My fans will protect me from him!"

Him who? Her ex husband who couldn't find her and she was hiding from, yet decided to go on national TV once a week?

She is trying to live the role of victim, but it's obvious that she is a crook and a pathological liar!

Some of these women they choose have no class. About the only that do are the NY folks.

asoom said...

Yayyyy I'm so happy to get to have a bloggers' discussion of the show, I didn't know who else out there in blog land was a big fan although I knew you were.

"She is extremely unattractive." no come on now 7araam 3alaiky. That's not nice.

Yea I think it was obvious she has "issues" from the beginning with her questionable relationships with men but to me that showed her as being insecure and having low self-esteem. So it just made me feel sorry for her even more. Maybe someone naive and just a habla. I still didn't think she would be capable of outrageous crimes.

I think that at the very end of the reunion and after reading some of those articles that's when I realized that she is a patholigical liar because she straight out lied about various details of her life. I would have way more respect for her if she acknowledged the facts in the book and then admit that she made big mistakes and attempt to illustrate she's a changed woman. The fact that she straight out lied and continues to lie is an indication that she hasn't really changed.

so for me it really was the reunion that made me realize what was really going on in her head as much as I wanted to believe she as innocent just because they all ganged up on her.

You're right the part where she talks about her fans will be defending and protecting her from her dangerous ex.....................ok PSYCHO!

However I still think Dina is a troublemaker.

Oh and I agree with you....NY was the best!