Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Book Queue

I'm finding it hard to make time to read nowadays and thus I've been really slow. In time for the movie, I'm now reading:

I made a mistake of visiting a used book store too soon. I picked up this:

And this:

My best friend Angela who RARELY reads for leisure fell in love with this book that she gave me and told me to read it ASAP so that me and her can discuss it:

Since then, every time I see her (pretty much everyday) I get greeted with "Did you read the book yet? Did you read the book yet? Did you read the book yet? Did you read the book yet"

"NO. I haven't even started it."

BUT I saw the infomercial for a movie the other day based on a book I've been wanting to read:

Randy read the book and yesterday I told her I'll read it before the movie comes out so that we can go watch it together.

Then I see Angela today. "Did you read the book yet? Did you read the book yet? Did you read the book yet? Fine. You know what! Give it back to me so that I can give it to someone who actually wants to read it................"


queenie said...

I've read the first two books. Angels and Demons is one of my favourite books! The Motorcycle Diaries is pretty interesting but not very political. It's a more humanistic (real word?)and personal take on Che. And I think you'll get a really bad craving for mate!

eshda3wa said...

my sisters keeper is amazing

you have to read it before the movie comes out

karmi said...

This is the first time I've heard of Girls of Riyadh. It seems interesting. And I'm just about to place an order to Amazon books. Hmmm...

KJ said...

I think you will like girls of riyadh. It's scandalous, very blond and forum-like.

asoom said...

queenie, thanks queenie, any recent great books recs?

eshda3wa, yea I know and I really don't have thatmuch time it looks like

Karmi, trust me it's got to be a good book for my friend ot be so obsessed about it. She hates reading

KJ, yea I'm sure I'll like it. I remember bonbon's review of it.

Hamza said...

you are not the only one who is slow. I am still reading "pillars of Earth"..and I just reached page 500. So you can imagine.

"Angels & Demons" is a good read. Not as good as "Da Vinci Code" but keep in mind, it was released before it.

asoom said...

Hamza, really? it came first? I had no clue I read davinci first cause the bookstore lady told me angels & demons was the sequel. YOu know what though, that makes sense because in davinci code langdon makes reference to vittoria and I had no clue who that was.