Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where were you when Michael Jackson died?

I was about to publish a post with the title "where were you when Michael Jackson died" however the headlines have changed to report that he is in a coma. Literally minutes ago he was reported to be dead by top news sources and the whole office forgot we are supposed to be working.

Rejoice FOBS of the world.

(I was a joke, save your nasty comments please. There's nothing wrong with being a fob).

Ok I was about to publish this but the office's breaking news is that Michael Jackson has died. In memory of Michael Jackson, what is your favorite Michael Jackson song? Mine is actually by the Jackson 5...I'll be there.


KJ said...

Ah, so many songs with so many memories, I can't pick one!

Genki Dama said...

A state of shock with Freddie Mercury and Somebody is watching me with Rockwell!

Organica said...

Wow. Growing up in Egypt in the 90's, I remember Michael was the biggest star everywhere. EVERYONE knows him, even the poor villagers in rural Masr!

Anonymous said...

They say you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when someone of great importance dies.

Well I was sitting at my computer about to respond to a CNN “Cafferty file” question about taxes w regards to health care.

The comment section was closed, so I accessed their “contact” and submitted my comments there. The screen that came up next said “Breaking News” and reported that Michael Jackson had a cardiac arrest. I immediately switched my television channel to CNN and called my friend Darlene. She stumbled over her words in disbelief, shock and concern.

Shortly thereafter, CNN announced that Michael Jackson had passed. The phone calling to friends and family began … and there were mixed reactions, from outbursts of tears to denial and some totally heartbroken.

After speaking to some friends, a severe thunderstorm erupted in the area where I live, and reluctantly, I turned off my computer and television, though just in time, because the electrical power shortly after was knocked out.

The news of Michael’s death did not bring tears last night, just a strange feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on. I hadn’t thought about Michael in over a year or so and since I watch a lot of politically oriented news, I didn’t see any stories about him.

Later that evening (around 10:25pm), while I was on my cell phone talking to my Mom, the power was restored. When I turned on the television, the news media was still talking about Michael, showing his videos and playing his music. It was then that I truly got a sense of how deeply Michael Jackson was loved and had impacted the entire world.

Michael was bigger than life … yes, he was an icon.

This morning the tears flowed and I feel a great sense of loss.

Each morning I go through a routine … checking my website, blogs and emails, etc. etc. I don’t want to deal with any of that today. I simply want to share this day with Michael’s countless fans across the world, remembering the Michael Jackson we knew and loved and still love.

Words cannot adequately express what Michael Jackson, the multi-talented genius, innovative artist, and very shy and gracious man-child, means to me and many others.

I/we love you and you will be greatly missed. Thank you for leaving us a legacy of moving, captivating songs and visual artistry.

Farewell, … peace be with you.

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Hicham said...

"Heal The World" is my fav. Although I think MJ was abused by the life he lived; being a celebrity sometimes change the way people behave.

I'm neither pro/aganist him; he tried to do something for the world and kept on moving at least.

karmi said...

He has several great songs. It's hard to pick just one. He's very famous for his work but it seems that he has had a difficult life. It makes me sad.

Hamza said...

I was lounging in jordan and when I asked my cousin if we are going to cinemas, she said she can't and that she is mourning. When she later told me that MJ died, the first thought that I had is thank God I didn't buy the ticket for the "this is it" concert. NO offence to the guy but I always felt that he'd end up like Elvis Presley

I like many songs. "Scream", "you are not alone" and 'dirty diana' are some of my favorites