Thursday, October 23, 2008

Your elders on facebook

I think it's just weird!

My mom is always checking up on my facebook. She's not on facebook herself but she makes her friend's daughter show her my facebook. She'll call me afterwards to ask me why I gained weight (I haven't) or yell at me for shopping ("I've never seen that shirt before"). I'm used to her by now, plus she's just my mom.

However recently khalti (maternal aunt) requested me on facebook. Why did facebook give her an account? I mean I don't have anything bad on there but like a lot of khalat out there she's a bit on the judgemental side.

I couldn't justify not accepting her but now I feel like my private space is being invaded.


lost within said...

I know !
They should have an age limit on FB !! y3ni shu bdha khaltek feh ?! poke her husband wella slap her kid who's studying elsewhere !?!
I think those elders just use it to spy !
u can limit ur profile to her .lock ur wall w don't let her see ur pics :D
I show my mom my FB every once in a while to show her pics of people and stuff but she never said she wanted one 7amdolelah :D

HOWEVER , I am proudly off of facebook for the time being !
I deactivated my account and I am not reactivating it till I am done with my first exams round or till I get a hold of my addiction !
whatever happens first :D

His Sweetheart said...

Add her to your limited profile and follow lost within instructions ;D

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

I refused to add any of my family, especially my bro and sis to Facebook. They ask why, and I tell me, why should I? I can just talk to you face to face.

Hamza said...

lol. you remind me of the time dad asked me to create facebook account. 2al shu? for networking and stuff. I convinced him to create a linkedin account instead

KJ said...

I feel for u... I got my sis on my FB which is fine but often she butts in to check who am friends with etc and she asks..

I guess it's a sort of "watching out for you" kinda deal

asoom said...

lost within, I think she's curious about what's going on in our personal lives to be honest with you.

His, yea I thought about doing that but then I might as well just not have accepted her because it'll be realy obvious she's on limited

Mona, well I agree with them, why don't you add your brother and sis???? My siblings are on mine 3adi, it's the khalti that I think is weird

Hamza, LOOOL. YOu know what one time my mom did actually ask me if she can be on facebook. I just told her no she can't.

KJ, yea I think the sibs are fine, it's he elders that's worrisome!