Monday, October 20, 2008

Missing out on great opportunity

We're always informed of community service and volunteer opportunities that we can do as first years, but there was one particular upcoming event that just had me really excited to get to be a part of. It involves working with the Special Olympics where we're on destination along with a whole bunch of other volunteer healthcare providers for a weekend to provide (or assist in providing) eye care where needed to the handicapped members. Many of these people are also underprivileged. Aside from the rewarding and humbling experience you get with this type of service, there are also some nice perks that come along. For one, this year it's in Disney World!

Mind you they're not actually paying for our way there and the compensation for room and board probably won't cover our costs, but this is still a perk!

I signed up for it as soon as I found out months ago knowing very well that that Monday I will be having 2 exams. I figured I could find ways to make it work. I would just study in advance. Maybe I could do really well on the first round of exams so that I wouldn't be under as much pressure for the second round. Maybe I could arrange it so that there will be some downtime there for me to study. The event is in 2 weekends and the papers confirming my participation were due today. Up until last night I was still trying to convince myself I can still go.

This morning I had to turn down the opportunity. It's just that I haven't started studying for those 2 exams and won't be for the rest of this week considering I have other exams before then. I didn't do so well on the first round of exams so the pressure is definitely there. The biggest detriment to my academic performance thus far is that I'm doing too many other things. Until I figure out how to be superwoman I have to prioritize, and this is what it came down to.

I'm still really disappointed.


Hani Obaid said...

You reminded me of my days in college, whenever I did something fun before an exam, I would feel guilty.

Good luck Asoom.

asoom said...

hani, LOL. Well the main purpose of this isn't for fun, I also really wanted to be involved in volunteering at this type of event......or else there would have been no problem in turning it down. Thanks!