Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not drinking sets me apart from the class

The fact that I don't drink and don't like to be around it has definitely formed somewhat of a schism between me and my colleagues. I've realized that people who want to drink don't like to be around people that don't drink when all they want to do is get drunk. Maybe it makes them feel bad about themselves since such extreme behavior is associated with social irresponsibility and immaturity (there are some serious alcoholics in my class).

I was out with a colleague recently after an exam and although she didn't say anything I felt that it was bothering her that she couldn't drink, much less get drunk. She kept asking about the drinks and browsing the drink menu but then hesitating and not ordering each time. I didn't suggest to her that her drinking would bother me, but she knows I don't drink and may have felt too self-conscious to do that around me.

I've learned that when people are under a lot of stress and have little free time they usually would prefer to spend it getting crazy drunk, probably to get as far away from the mental pressure as possible, which I admit can really break you if you don't find your outlet. I'm still trying to find mine. It's not fair! why can't it be that easy for me too? Finding that outlet on the spiritual level is quite powerful, but it takes a lot more effort and sometimes it's not there. and yea this is totally related to the "becoming bad" post on my old diary some of you may have read.

What inspired all these thoughts at this moment is a recent facebook chat I had with an upperclassman

Asma: keefik?

moomoo: am good

how r u?

Asma: I'm ok

I sent you a text, did you get it

I'm gonna see a movie tonight with a friend, you're welcometo join us

Moomoo: well i got ur message

but am depressed

Asma : :(

Moomoo: soo am going to get drunk


Hamza said...

lol..I know how you feel. I was the only guy who doesn't drink in my class and it made me very hard to socialize among my colleagues. I had to sacrifice a bit and be able to tag along whenever they go to pubs, bars and clubs and they start drinking leaving me with my coke/ice tea or redbull...(they really should give more choice in the non-alocholic section)

Jawahir Jewels (JJ) said...

well ... as i have mentioned in my blog i used to be anit alcohal (but neverhad a social issue bout it), the one day i did pick up a glass and for a few years lets see i didnt seek alcohal but became a social drinker-on and off) then one fine day i quit... cold turkey but it has still not made it difficult fot me to go out or my friends to hang out with me ... :-) ... oh and i undrstand the redbull issue too :-) drink fresh juices now :-) or H2O ....anyway the point is seems ur makeing it an issue thats why it is turning into one also that just coz a operson drinks it is not necessarily an outlet e.g i drank coz i enjoyed my alcohal not to get drunk or to for get ... i drank coz i enjoyed it .... yes there are those who use it as an outlet but if ur judging them then they will judge u :-) ....

asoom said...

Hamza, how about the Shirley Temple? That's my drink! See thi sis kinda how I started getting into hookah smoking because I could actually go to these places and still not feel totally left out. It's funny when I go to this one place owned by arabs smeone who works there takes it upon themselves to explain to me all the non alcoholic options they have without me asking.

Jawahir, see the difference is that with my colleagues when it comes to socializing EVERYTHING revolves around alcohol it seems since there's only few free hours in the week....and what you choose to do in your few free hours you want to relieve your stress and pressure so in that sense it is an outlet. If I don't drink it makes me uncomfortabel to be around a group of people where eeryone drinks and many will get drunk...I don't see how that's me judging anyone.

Jawahir Jewels (JJ) said...

from what i read that what i understood
"I've learned that when people are under a lot of stress and have little free time they usually would prefer to spend it getting crazy drunk, probably to get as far away from the mental pressure as possible, which I admit can really break you if you don't find your outlet"

... or maybe u just know alcoholics hehe e:-) kidding wala

yesterday i went to BBQ lovely weather unfortunately i didnt eat anything except 4 once small bit of salad, coz the bbq was fish 'bless the host had forgotten' and couldnt eat anymore salad coz after i took my helping of salad he put baccon in the salad so that was that (btw he did ask if he could put the baccon in after i tok some salad i said sure) and i dont eat fish at all... but he knew i didnt drink so he mixed me some sparkling water with apple juice that had fresh apples, pears, and oranges in it... which i thought was sweet ... i was the only one who wasnt drinking even the cat tasted some alcohal... but then they dont have to drink coz when they come over to my place for dinner i have no baccon or alcohal served and we have a blast all evening....

KJ said...

Aaargh tell me about it!

It's harder for you cuz you're in a foreign country. I have the same issue (on a smaller scale though) when my friends wanna go clubbing and drinking just to get drunk instead of hanging out at a bar (where I can order juice and hope nothing slipped in)