Saturday, October 25, 2008

and now for some girly drama for ur mama

Which I like to stray far away from as long as I can help it.

I'm starting to make this connection between girls who attended strict segregated high schools or came from super strict households where they weren't allowed to do anything and those that end up living their high school drama during their adult lives. I can't even tell you how many times I observed this.

Last night at a cultural event in a different city that "hot Jordanian guy" (reference from my old diary) told me about I sat on the same table with the most irritating female. Other than the friend I took with me and HJG, I didn't know anyone going there. I happily bumped into some familiar faces at the door: my roomie's friend who came with her mom and sis. HJG was sitting on a table with a few guys and 2 girls; they had empty seats and motioned for the 5 of us us to join them as they added chairs and rearranged themselves.

One of the girls decided she didn't reallylike us. She's a senior at my uni but I've never seen her before. She didn't acknowledge us and kept having whispered conversations with the guys on either side of her (one being HJG). When HJG cut her whispering off to introduce us she gave me the most painfully forced smile then completely turned her head away from me back to him, never saying a word to me. I asked her a general getting-to-know-you question to break the ice and she answered mumbling while totally looking away from me. HJG is friendly by nature and probably felt a bit responsible for our comfort and enjoyment considering he invited us, so he was conversing with us and she seemed annoyed but didn't join in. She just gave up and moved on to sit between 2 other guys and resumed the giggled whispering. The other girls knew her from school, but they weren't really trying to talk to her.

I don't know what it was about us that bothered the girls (who are sisters btw), especially the one so much. Maybe it was that we were hijabis and looked like stereotypical good muslim girls, maybe it was the presence of the mother, or maybe it was something to do with these girls knowing her from way back when that made her uncomfortable. She may have felt like we would judge her. She may have thought we would gossip about her and didn't want to give anyone an opportunity to do so.

Towards the end of the night she warmed up a little bit to me largely due to the efforts of HJG. When I was telling my roomie about the event I asked her if she knew that girl since we go to the same uni and my roomie's been here forever. I was curious about the girl's behavior but didn't want to directly ask cause it would sound like gossip, so I just added "I don't think she likes me very much". To which my roomate replied "she's very weird". She went to the local strict Islamic school. She used to wear hijab and took it off in college. According to my roomie, sometimes when she bumps into her the girl will act like she has no clue who she is, and sometimes she'll be really friendly.

Interesting observations, and I don't think I'll be making friends with her during my time here.


lost within said...

the same thing happens every where ! I was thinking about it the other day !
u see there were 2 girls in our school who put on Hijab during Tawjihi then they took it off b4 uni ! it was kinda goofy but who am I to judge them ?
one of them comes from a somewhat strict family but at uni she's acting like all the guys out there are here brothers !she acts like she doesn't know most of us and since she only mingles with guys I think she doesn't want us to see her with them that's y she tries to ignore all her school friends !

some people kinda get messed up at uni for no obvious reason ! :S

asoom said...

Yea it's like who are we to judge them but then in a way they're judging us by the way they react to us.

Yea this girl was so friendly with all the guys but barely said anything to any of the girls although we are all generally friendly and talking to each other and the guys on the table.

I don't know what the deal is but I hope she gets over herself soon, she's about to graduate and go into the real world!