Monday, October 20, 2008

"Muslims for McCain reject protesters"

I took this clip courtesy of the American News Project, the headline from AOL news. I'm sure confrontations like this have been occurring at McCain rallies everywhere considering the polarized crowds in attendance.......and someone got it on tape!

It's nice to see McCain supporters at the rally denounce the actions of the hateful people we all read about. I wonder though if they would have done the same had there not been a microphone, camera, and reporter in their face asking them if they support the 'protestors'.

My favorite line is "Are you deliberately trying to get us to lose this election?" Oh and when you watch this can you please tell me what the man was saying before the word "madrassa", it sounded like a whole bunch of mumbling but I really wanna know what he was trying to say. I wonder how he would have answered if the reporter asked him what a "madrassa" was.

More exciting than this being taped is that it was on the homepage of AOL news!


bella said...

This is AWESOME!
It's nice to finally see someone from the campaign officially denouncing such hateful behavior. I agree though, it might not have happened had there not been a camera around.

It was good to have the dumbass confronted by MUSLIM McCain supporters, so he could realize how far he had his head stuck up his ass.

BTW I rewound the tape to try to figure out the mumblings.. he didn't say anything.
He said "There was a lot of - There is a lot of - He was raised in a mad-raaaassa"

OMG, how stupid do you have to be to not know that MADRASSA = SCHOOL in the Arabic language?????????

asoom said...

Bella, about the mumbling, that's what I thought! he was put on the spot and probably wasn't expecting that. He's used to communicating to stupid people so he didn't think he'd have to come prepared to explain hisself.

It's nice to see people standing up but I can't help but wonder if the same thing would have happened if it weren't for the camera and reporters giving it attention.