Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Joe the plumber has gone to sleep"

This breaking news headline from Keith Olbermann had me cracking up so hard.

So who is Joe the Plumber?
His name was mentioned like 35 times in the last debates. He seems like an intelligent guy. He’s also pretty cute.

He came on the scene after a meeting with Obama where he expressed his concerns about raising taxes for those making $250,000 considering he has plans to buy the company he works for. Although he doesn't admit to it, he's clearly voting for McCain.


Hani Obaid said...

lol I just got robbed again by my plumber last week. Why am I not surprised.

They should change that to Joe the plumbing Tycoon!

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

lool.. it is also on as a new phrase that everyone should know! Joe the Plumber.. lol

bella said...

LOL.. yea, first McCain took it too far, now the media is having an orgy with him
Bikafee already, who gives a shit about him? He's voting for McCain and asked Obama a question that is completely irrelevant to what he brought up, we get it

dumbasses, all of em

asoom said...

hani, wouldn't you take measures to prevent that after the first time?

mona, LOOOL I had no clue!

Bella, true it was McCain that milked it for all it's worth and it was pretty pathetic. Most of the media attention is really just mocking that it's even a big deal (hence the post title)

Hani Obaid said...

Asoom, we've changed plumbers once a year every year for the past 5.

Problem is it's hard to find someone who is both honest, and will keep their word when they tell you they will come to fix something.

It's ridiculous how many water pumps we had to buy, all of them insist companies don't give warranty on water pumps (even if you get an expensive Italian one)!

Anyway, if you know someone who knows a good plumber in Amman, let me know :)