Saturday, October 18, 2008

My ethnicity is "not Hispanic"

I recently filled out a school-related survey and was a bit surprised that there were only 2 choices to this question, but even more surprised at what those 2 choices were.

What is your ethnicity?

_Hispanic or Latino

_Not Hispanic or Latino

I'm no longer "other", my new ethnicity is "not Hispanic"

In related news, this really cute Latino guy said Salaam Alaikum to me and asked if I needed help carrying my stuff.


Rebellious Arab Girl said...

I guess we are either or eh?

Latinos love Arab.. majority came from Spain, and we occupied Spain for 700 years. Hmm.. maybe they don't like us? I am not sure.. but we all look the same! :P

asoom said...

Mona, the ones around here are all south american...I've never heard a latino identify with Spain. Maybe up north they do! I gues ssome like us some don't just like with every ethinicity, I know there's a significant latino muslim population in the US they have their own established organization.

KJ said...

You're kidding! This is even more racist!