Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nowadays you can't discuss politics with your colleagues

Scene: university shuttle
Student 1: I wonder if it's too late to submit an absentee ballot
Student 2: No you have until Friday to do that, go do that! Wait, you're voting for McCain right?
Student 1: (silence)
*Everyone eyes everyone else wondering how safe it is to speak*
Studnet 2: McCain right?
Student 1: Well I just really don't like Sarah Palin
Student 2: Oh come on she's not the one running for president
Student 1: I'm just not going to talk about this

Scene: a car with students on the way back from a university service event. The driver notices a painted sign on a back window
Student 1: (reading) Honk if you're voting for McCain.......
*Everyone eyes everyone else wondering how safe it is to speak*
Student 2: (shouting) RUN THEM OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene: University Shuttle Again
Student 1: I just got my state license here so I can be allowed to vote here
Student 2: You're voting for McCain right?
*Everyone eyes everyone else wondering how safe it is to speak*
Student 1:
Student 2: WHAT?????
Student 1: (feels her blood boiling) I'm just really strongyly.....prochoice (that's probably not her main reason. She just wanted a quick bailout of a potential brawl)

Scene: Off campus restaurant after an exam where we got into a discussion about health insurance companies
Me: and that's why I'm voting for Obama
*Everyone eyes everyone else wondering how safe it is to speak*
Student 1: Well ummmm errrrr eeekkkkk.....ok I just won't say anything


kinzi said...

Heh-heh, we can trade places and both feel at home! I'm having the same convos in Jordan, vice-verse. :)

KJ said...

It's really getting ridiculous, let them get this over with already and herald the end of the world

Beave said...

This is the office war at the moment. You can't open your mouth with being verbally berated or worried someone is going to cross the "HR" line. I think the only reason we can't talk about politics anymore is because a lot of the issues cross over into religion and deep rooted personal beliefs. People don't like to hear that theirs are wrong. That and most people just don't know what they are talking about and would rather yell inconsistencies that be wrong.

asoom said...

Kinzi, oh so you don't go for the "I'm not going to talk about this?" route? LOL!

KJ, what are we to do...we're a pasionate bunch!

Beave, hahaha it's actually kind of funny to observe people's reactions once you put your emotions and passions aside.

Hamza said...

lol..I hope that in all the stories when you refer to "student 2" that you are not talking about the same guy of "voting McCain..right?"