Thursday, October 16, 2008

All guys have player potential!

Me: X still talks to me

Angela: Still!!!! (it’s been years since I’ve even seen him). Do you think you could ever see yourself with him?

Me: well I still don’t feel anything for him.

Ok I have a confession. He’s going to be in town soon and offered to take me out to dinner (with the excuse of having me sample the food of his local culture that permeates the region I live in). And I said yes.

Angela: I don’t think that’s so bad. Maybe when you see him again you’ll find that you could actually be attracted to him.

Me: I'm open to that. At the same time I feel pretty guilty because I know he likes me. I really really don’t want to end up hurting him.

Angela: (smirking and some noise that sounds like grunting)

Me: hahahaha. Ok I know what you’re thinking

Angela: GUYS DO IT ALL THE TIME. Just use and lose!!!

Me: True, but do you think HE would do it? (he’s an exceptionally nice guy)

Angela: I know that I wouldn’t put it past any guy.

It’s true! Guys do it all the time. From the most religious to the rich to the poor, the liberal, the geek, the ugly , the cute, the socially awkward...…..all guys have player potential. Guys can effortlessly talk to 3 girls simultaneously and have each girl believe she’s the one.....then drop 2 overnight. When another girl passes by he won’t hesitate to drop the third too.


Hani Obaid said...

That's no excuse. Generalize it a bit:

"Everyone can potentially be a murderer so why can't I murder someone"

Treat him like he treats you.

lost within said...

I second Hani treat this guy like he treats you bs you know in a lady like manner :P
If he is a womanizer ( this is my fav word nowadays ) you don't have to be the girl version of that :P

I want updates on the dinner and how it went ! :D

bella said...

yea, it's true he can potentially be a womanizer, but the truth is... nice guys are usually nice n sweet and not womanizers (you just gotta be able to spot em from the assholes who pretend to be nice guys, in order to use n move on)

so don't lead him on, 7aram... but if you're sure you're just friends and he knows that.. then go for it.

asoom said...

hani, well everyone can potentially be a murderer so I can also potentially murder someone. So what's your saying basically is that I shouldn't have accepted his invitation because there's a good chance he will be hurt because I know I don't like him the same way.

lost within, not exactly womanizer but I'm saying all guys play around especialy compared to girls who are much more loyal about these things.

bella, I just feel like all guys don't have a problem with talking to multiple girls the way girls would have a problem with it. I've seen it witht he most unsuspecting guy ever. I don't want to lead him on, the thing is I wouldn't be going out with him as "just friends", there would have to be the potential of something more than that for me to accept his invitation and that's why I accepted. LIke angela said maybe when I see him I could find that I could actually be attracted him.

Hani Obaid said...

or rather accept his invitation if you want to, but only after you make it clear to him you're not interested in a relationship. I don't have advice on how to put that so it's not awkward.

Ummmmm I'm not looking for a relationship, but I'm glad if we could be just friends.

Hamza said...


that post kind of pissed me off a bit. So you are saying that if guys go out with different girls that he is playing around with them..why can't he just be friends with them?

oh well, I guess player guys will eventually end up with player girls