Friday, October 31, 2008

Missing out on the Halloween Party

I was really looking forward to this Halloween. Heck, I look forward to every celebration and outing nowadays!

My college along with the the Pharmacy college booked the party at a venue that's part of a really awesome place I've been wanting to go to since I got into this town. It costs $20 just to get in normally, but tonight it's free for us along with food and drinks. I've put together a cute hijab-friendly costume and have been convincing people that they have to go all week long.

However, as of this morning I decided that I just can't go and now I'm a little sad. The timing is horrible. On monday morning I have my last 2 midterms before finals: biochemistry and optics. Both of them are going to be brutal. I haven't even started studying for biochemistry and I've only gotten one of 3 chapters down for optics. If I had good averages in both of those classes I'd blow this round of exams off for this Halloween, but I can't afford to do bad on either...especially biochemistry.

I didn't want to tell anyone I was no longer going so noone makes me feel bad, but I told one of my friends who I went costume shopping with and I already have a missed call and a couple of texts urging me to reconsider. "Just come for an hour".......UUhhhhhhh yea that never works. I just can't!

Ughhhhhh I swear after Monday I'm going to do something fun every single day that week.


KJ said...

Don't you just hate it when things are scheduled around holidays! It's like they're so bitter they wanna make everyone miserable too

asoom said...

LOL yyea seriously what's up with that. I mean it's kinda my fault for waiting so last minute but still ya3ni!!!

Hamza said...

a hijab friendly costume?

you need to send me a pic so I can imagine. :P