Monday, October 27, 2008

Syrian Raid: Why on earth am I just now hearing about this?

Apparently this is like more than a day old!

U.S. military helicopters launched a rare attack inside Syria on Sunday. The Syrian government said eight people were killed, including four children. But local officials said that seven men were killed. A U.S. military official said the attack was aimed at al-Qaida-linked foreign fighters.

Syria blasts US after deadly raid

I was either too engrossed in a mycology/parasitology exam (I passed wooohoooo), too fascinated by the family tragedy of Jennifer Hudson, or perhaps it's not me at all and that this was in fact not classified as a major news headlines especially considering Sarah Palin just spent like $75,000 on some clothes at Neiman Marcus (has noone told her about Last Call?)

but Holy Crap!


Selma said...

No its not your fault, the media just plain out sucks. When it happened BBC was the only one to cover it..MSNBC also covered it alittle after it happened. But I didn't see it on any other news organization at the time..go figure.

KJ said...

Palin's wardrobe is more important to the American public of course, that's why there isn't news about it over there. It's been the talk in the mid east since the night of the blast

Hani Obaid said...

KJ I found out from your posted link on facebook even before I read it in the news. Thanks buddy!

Allah yustor :(

Hamza said...

as KJ said, what's the life of 8 pathetic syrians compared to the family tragedy of Jennifer Hudson. they are just syrians. blekh