Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you suffer from text anxiety?

Thanks to this site. You probably have test anxiety if you answer YES to four or more of the following:

I have a hard time getting started studying for a test.

When studying for a test, I find many things that distract me.

I expect to do poorly on a test no matter how much or how hard I study.

When taking a test, I experience physical discomfort such as sweaty palms, an upset stomach, a headache, difficulty breathing, and tension in my muscles.

When taking a test, I find it difficult to understand the directions and questions.

When taking a test, I have difficulty organizing my thoughts.

When taking a test, I often “draw a blank.”

When taking a test, I find my mind wandering to other things.

I usually score lower on a test than I do on assignments and papers.

After a test, I remember information I couldn’t recall during the test.

As for me personally I think I have pre-test anxiety more than I have actual test right now for example. However, all joking aside, anxiety is really when one of the worst feelings in the world. It's fear, panic, tension, nervousness, and it's irrational. I just have to keep reminding myself that whatever happens the world is not going to end and noone's opinion of me should matter as much as my own and God's.

Good luck on finals guys!

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