Friday, November 14, 2008

Guys don't hug your hijabi friends

Everyone has different standards and I'm not judging anyone here, but most likey it's not ok.

I would accept such innocence from non muslim boys but when you're another fellow Arab Musim, you should really know better. You put us on the spot to have to reject your advance without seeming like an uptight snob, or just praying to God noone in the crowded corridor saw that.

I can hear it now: Oh my God did you see that?....what a hypocrite

I mean even tattooed biceps guy knew better than to offer more than a handshake and a tap on the elbow, and at least he's a pretty hot resident so it would have been.....not so uncomfortable....j/k

It doesn't mean we don't like you, we could be in love with you but still prefer that you just didn't do that. Now don't be surprised if the next time I run into you I act like I don't see you and keep on walking.


Rebellious Arab Girl said...

It's funny that some Arab guys think it is ok. I don't know where they got that idea from. But good that you tell them to back off. It's not right!

Hamza said...

I think you should even set the standard for non-muslim guys as well.

Its like when I know girls who don't even handshake and when non-muslims do it, they handshake.

That's unfair for us. Next time I wanna shake hands/ or hug a a 7ijabi girl, I'll wear a cross.

Beave said...

Well I'm glad you put that out there. Now I know better.

asoom said...

mona, well a lot of have that relationships with friends that are girls so they spill out over to their hijabi friends

hamza, I do have that standard set but what I was trying to say is that I don't expect them to know better like someone whose also Muslim so it's a bit different. I evolved into not having a problem with shaking hands, the hugs are something else. If there's a hijabi girl you really really have the urge to hug I suggest you consider thinking about her as serious potential.

Beave, haha thanks!

lost within said...


muslim guys offer u hugs?!!

its better that u tell them to keep their hands off !

KJ said...

omg hamza you're horrible