Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who the hell shops at midnight? (A Black Friday post)

Scene: midnightish..studying the nerve supply to the head and neck with "Mimi"

Me: I'm getting kinda depressed that I'm not going to get to partake in Black Friday festivities this year. I just can't do all the traffic and lines tomorrow

Mimi: My sister told me that the outlet mall is opening at midnight

Me: WHAT???? that's right now. I bet noone is there, who the hell would think to go shopping at midnight? Let's go, we'll be in and out in an hour!

Mimi: Ok

Summary of night's events: The highway and the roads were empty until I got to about 3 miles from the mall. Then it very suddenly turned into bumber to bumper traffic where it took about 30 minutes to get to the mall from that point. If I was smarter I would have parked on the median and jogged there especially considering it's been like 3 days since I worked out.

So when we actually get to the mall I was shocked at the sight. This is one of the largest malls I've ever been to and there was NO EMPTY PARKING SPOTS. We had to park in these random grassy areas and hop through bushes and over mud holes as if we were in some type of military training camp. Did I mention at this point it was like.....1 AM????

There was a HUGE line wrapping around a part of the mall and we traced it to realize it was coming from the Coach store. What's up at Coach? An extra 10% off your purchase, PULLLEEEAAAAZZZEEEEE Coach is ugly anyway. I found one of my classmates in that line with dark circles around her eyes and restrained myself from yelling at her.

First stop was Juicy Couture; it was elbow to elbow traffic and I felt like bitch slapping someone with my Optics workbook. Don't these people know we have 4 finals this week? Seriously folks, get out of our way. After 15 minutes I was afraid I'd run out of oxygen and got out of there. No luck at Theory or Miss Sixty, and then finally to the reason why I shop nowadays: MICHAEL KORS! Mimi was was completely drained by now so she volunteered for the low-energy job of saving a spot in line for me as I did some speed shopping....I came out lucky with a couple of pieces and we couldn't wait to get out of there.

Better planning next year!


Goofy Girl said...

People are crazy this year :) Im glad you got some shopping in! Good luck on those finals and studying for them!

Hamza said...

the only person who is crazy is one who has 4 exams in one week and still goes out for shopping at midnight. :P

Hani Obaid said...

I do, but only because 2 weeks a months I work from 3-11PM!