Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Divide and Conquer: when your friends fight

So what happens when 2 close friends who are also in the same social circle have a falling out? Often times their selfish human instincts put them in a competition to get people on their side as opposed to the other or even as opposed to staying neutral.

So what do you do when 2 associates of yours get in a fight? It's really hard to stay out sometimes and you could get dragged in whether you intend to or not, especially if they make it everyone's business by going around talking about it to everyone.

Do you side with whoever you think committed the least wrong? or do you favor loyalty and stick with the person you're closer to despite the fact that deep down inside you thought it was his/her actions that were unjust to the other person?

If you happened to have a problem with one of the 2 individuals that's completely unrelated to the fight would you capitalize on the situation to go against that person at that moment and justify the other's claim of innocence? People do this subconsciously all the time, just watch The Hills and you'll know!

I personally like to identify the mistakes made. My best friend could get in a fight with the most annoying person in the world but if I thought what she did was wrong I'd have no problem recognizing that. I try really hard not to let someone else's problem with a person affect my relationship with that person unless it's something that could affect me...like for example if stealing or psychotic behavior was involved (hey it happens).


Hamza said...

don't get involved. let them resolve it on their own. Meanwhile, hang out with both equally and don't tell the other when you hang out with one of them

Beave said...

I would stay out, but if they push it tell them that what they did was not cool.

Anonymous said...

I would stay out of it as much as possible and keep my relation with both..and never discuss the problem with either of them, or relay messages back and forth..

I tried to do good once and found myself pulled into the conflict and became a part of it..I learned my lesson, no more..!!