Friday, November 28, 2008

I wouldn't want your plane to crash

In Islam we believe "du3aa il musafir mustajab" (the prayer of the traveling person is answered). My cousin is flying to Jordan tomorrow morning and I took the opportunity as I was saying my final goodbyes to ask her to make some duaa.

Cousin: Do you want me to add you to the du3aa list

Me: The most important thing right now is I want you to pray that I pass all my classes and that I graduate when I'm supposed to

Cousin: hmmmm I think there should be another one

Me: Yea, and make duaa that the next guy that comes my way is someone I can actually be with. Someone that PRAYS, preferably as educated as me, and it wouldn't hurt to be cute

Cousin: So you want a guy that prays, cute, and is a

Me: that's not exactly what I said, but why not

Cousin: I'm afraid if I made that duaa the plane might crash

Me: (hysterical laughter)


Rebellious Arab Girl said...

hahaha.. that was funny. :P

KJ said...


let her start with plz let this plane not crash