Sunday, November 23, 2008

I didn't get to see Twilight on opening day but

.....I got to see it the next day! (No Spoilers Kinzi)

I made plans with roomie #1 and I got annoyed when her significant other decided to make a surprise appearance in town 2 days early, ugghhh men! J/K it's cool. So I dragged 2 friends the next day which is quite the mission considering we all have finals. We were proudly the oldest people in the theater who weren't there with our kids.

As you know I was obsessed with the book that I completed in 2 days (I'm exercising great self restraint to not compulsively read the sequel New Moon). If it wasn't for the book I honestly don't know if I would have been interested in wanting to see this. Neither of 2 friends read the book so I was concerned if they'd like it, but they both totally loved it!

Reviews aren't my thing nor do I like reading detailed reviews, but I definitely enjoyed this movie! Of course it's not as good as the book. A 2 hour movie could never do a 500 page glorious fantasy love story proper justice. The movie was basically the beginning and the end of the book put together. I was disappointed that the movie didn't elaborate on the development of the love story between Edward and Bella, nor did it highlight why on earth this group of vampires are so interested in protecting this fragile human girl to the extent where they are putting their own safety and entire livelihood on the line. The fight wasn't really about Bella. They filmakers had a great story and concept to work with but they didn't develop it to its full potential.

Two things they did do an awesome job with is (1) the selection of the soundtrack and (2) developing the setting and creating the characters (character development was something else). The town of Forks, the red truck, Charlie, Jacob, the kids at school, and Bella's house were all very similar to the way my imagination painted them to be while reading the book. They even did a decent job of balancing the Cullens as a creepy-looking, awkwardly social yet attractive and ostentatious group of people.

So overall, there were missing pieces in the movie but it was definitely still entertaining in a guilty pleasure kinda way.


kinzi said...

Thanks, DW!

That was about what I expected :). My niece commenting that she and her sisters aren't done swooning yet, but they will give me a review, too.

I think part of what makes the Cullens likable is the protection of humanity factor. First they go off their normal diet, then do a pretty job protecting the unsuspecting population from non-vegan vamps.

Of course, they want Edward to find love, too. One little clue is even Edward's name - they all lived as humans in more civilized, honorable, chivalrous time.

Glad you liked it! Stay focused until break!

asoom said...

Kinzi, did yu get the chance to see this yet? I totally love what you said about the likability factor of the cullens we can have whole entire discussions on this! You made an interesting point about what the other vampires wanted for edward. The fight to save bella wasn't too much about bella it was really about Edward which is something the book does a good job highlighting but the movie failed in.