Friday, November 7, 2008

Emblogessment: fear of blog discovery

"I found your blog, by the way," he said

I paused in fear. "Oh, which one?" I asked. I irregularly posted to a personal journal, but I'd been writing in the fat blog three or four times a week lately.

", the weight-loss blog."

Only the solemnity of the occasion (this was at a funeral) kept me from slapping my hands to my cheeks and imitating the Edvard Munch painting, The Scream. There should be a word for the feeling of fear and horror when you realize a family member had discovered your blog. Emblogessment, perhaps? I suddenly tried to remember the content of every one of my two hundred entries in the span of two seconds. Had I said anything about him?

"Oh," I eeped.

"It's a great site. I'm really proud of you."

"Thanks," I said. Had he told anyone else about this?

This is an excerpt from the current memior I'm reading and not a conversation I was actually a part of, THANK GOD!!!!


Beave said...

I was dying with laughter through that whole entry. Emblogessment is one of the greatest words I have ever heard!

Goofy Girl said...

Hahah that's such a great term!

KJ said...


wonders said...

good to finally find you! :) i didn't know until now that you have a new blog address.

asoom said...

beave, isn't it hilarious? LOL, so's the book I'm reading

goofy, yes the author is an english genious!

KJ, :)

wonders, so nice to see you here, where have ya been? Yea it seeme like a lot of my previous followers still haven't found me :(

His Sweetheart said...

I really thought it was true girl ;D