Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sitting in the library with an uncharged ipod sucks

I was on emotional roller coaster the last 2 weeks and anticipate staying on the ride for like another week.

A few highs

Lots of lows

Fights with people that love me the most

Friendships strengthened

Illnesses........hookah exacerbated

Roomate got engaged officially. Bought my first Indian outfit

Makeup exams and late assignments

Crying in the dean's office AGAIN

A boy likes me

I like a different boy

He........................( ? )

5 Finals Down

4 More to go

Southern California here I come!


Goofy Girl said...

Sounds like life's been pretty busy! Hope your break is soon!

Beave said...

Hang in there, and crush the opposition!

suha said...

haha it cracks me up when people say emotional rollercoster cause it reminds me of this part in scrubs
and hang in there girl you'll get a few days off for christmas and take this time to relax and de-stress yourself

lost within said...

Hang in there babe sweets :D
and we'll be having a talk about hookah lol

Tons of luck with exams and the boy ;P

asoom said...

goofy, my break is in 3days and I'm praying that I passed everything

Beave, hahaha, I just can't help who I crush

suha, you know scrubs is one of my favorite shows ever. Yea I get 3.5 half weeks off

lost, I'll cut the hookah out once finals are through!

secratea said...

you'll be done with finals in THREE DAYS ONLY?? HOW COME???
I'll be done on the 17th, but since i've already written the paper due then. Technically, i'll be done on the 15th, that's when I'll be having my last final exam!

elmuhim, you're almost there, mabrook :-D

asoom said...

secratea, My last one is this wednesday dec. 10th...I started finals 2 weeks ago and I had like 9 in total.

Wow I'm pressed that you completed your paper that isn't even due for another week, kudos to you and good luck!