Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Awwwwwww I'll miss you guys too

"Oh come on you had to suspect something.....

You didn't notice that I was gone for 2 hours when I said I was only going to the post office?

You didn't think it was weird that xxxxx was being so nice to you today?

Did you not see the food in the kitchen?

You didn't notice that xxxx used the back door today and she always uses the front?

It didn't make you suspicious when you came back and realized the front door was locked???


Honestly I had no clue! Today the office threw me a surprise going away lunch party since tomorrow is my last day (I leave next week to go back to school). Maybe if it was my last day I would have been suspicious, but today they could have planned it in front of me and I still wouldn't have noticed. One of my superiors asked me if I could please walk to the restaurant next door to ask if we could borrow ice. Ice for what? she said she said she had some homemade iced tea for us but it's too warm and she would greatly appreciate it if I can go find some ice. Angela would do it she said but she just came back from running office errands and was too hot now. "Ok......... well let me just call them and make sure that's ok first" I answered. "No no no no" everyone protested, "it's not worth it by the time you get off the phone with them you could have been there and back".

OK SHEESH! Fine I'll go.

When I came back the front door was locked so I just got really annoyed because it was hot. Angela opened the door and was victim to my reprimand. "what's wrong with you? why would you lock the door like that?" I handed the jumbo cup of ice to my coworker and sat back down in front of my computer to finish the writing assignment I was working on. Then I got annoyed because she made a comment about it not being enough ice, but I just pretended like I couldn't hear her.

About 30 seconds after I sat down my supervisor told me she needed to speak to me in the empty front office which we use for meetings with clients. Now that I type this up I'm realizing how oblivious I really am, I still had no clue! Although everyone was standing instead of at their desks working I still didn't realize what was up until I walked in and saw the all the food on the table and a huge pink gift bag on the floor.

Wow I was so touched! They didn't do this when previously 2 employees were transferred to a different location so really I wouldn't have expected anything like this. They also got me a really practical gift I'll definitely be making use of: a lap desk + matching accessories. Oh and the cake...of course it came from Whole Foods!


My Getaway said...

Awww that was really sweet! Suprises are always fun!

Organica said...

Well deserved!

Anonymous said...


Should have got you the tart instead!! Yum Yum. Me love WF.

asoom said...

My getaway, yea it really was sweet of them

organica, thank yo8u!

anon, It was delish!