Saturday, July 18, 2009

It Happened Twice!

I was about to create a photo post of yesterday's shower until I viewed the IP tracker and started freaking out. Yesterday someone from my hometown did a yahoo search on "the diary sequel" TWICE from the same IP address.

I have some theories because I haven't been too careful. Yesterday I had the blogger screen up for at least the beginning of the bridal shower and there were a couple of people who did have access to my room. Something like that could have caught some one's attention. The first search was at the time that the party was supposed to have ended however I don't know if anyone left early enough to have gotten home at that time. From what I can remember everyone stayed past the hour.

The other thing is I've been careless at work. Sometimes I even forget to click off the screen when I leave for errands or lunch.

Is it time to shut down yet again? I wish there was a way I can just block hometown visits at least and free myself from this anxiety and paranoia.


Organica said...

password protect it!

KJ said...

You're tooooooooooooooooooooooo paranoid it's not like you're scandalizing everyone you meet online. Sheesh woman get a grip your blog's content is safe for consumption

Suha said...

I understand how you feel this is an outlet for you and you'd like to continue the anonymity* however that's spelled.. So whatever puts your mind at rest do it...

His Sweetheart said...

Freak!! Be careful sweetie

Hamza said...

you should be intrigued by the idea that there are ppl who are actually caring about you and would like to know more about you.

Keep looking at the positive side of things

asoom said...

Well someone is definitely looking me up it happened a couple more times from that same IP address. I feel somewhat better that I was able to cross out a couple of my close friends. I think it might be someone from work.

Organica, but then I would be cutting my blog off from new visitors

KJ, it's enough that there's a lot of personal detail about someone people that I wouldn't want them reading about themselves and knowing that that's what I think of them

Suha, thanks for totally understanding

His, yea I'm not sure who it is and why they care..I guess if they know than they're curious

Hamza, there's absolutely nothing positive about this