Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reacting to bloggers and their posts

Ok so I just read like one of the most annoying blog posts I've ever read. It definitely belongs up there in the top 5. Seriously, I was pretty pissed off...I couldn't even finish reading it till the end because I didn't want it to completely ruin my good mood.

If this had been around the time when I first joined the blogosphere, I would have replied with so much passion and fury and maybe a couple "who the hell do you think you are?" I would have brewed a cup of coffee in preparation for writing the perfect counter viewpoint while thoroughly illustrating the author's absurdity at the same time. In fact, I can often times tell if someone is new on the blog scene by the nature of their comments on posts.

Nowadays though it doesn't matter. I can just say "ok that was annoying" and move on. The exception would be when it's written by a really popular blogger with a widely read blog because in that case I don't feel like I'm wasting my time on ONE blogger's post but rather I'm reaching out to a large audience to lobby my argument. Other than though, I don't know this person, nor does the person know me. It's written by a virtual person that's part of a virtual world that might as well not even exist. So why react?


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

It's very difficult to not react sometimes. I must confess I would have loved to have some idea of the nature of the content but I can see you just needed to vent. So good for you! You showed more restraint than I probably would have had!

Beave said...

Yeah... like Alaine you've got me curious.

I end up getting riled up anyway and leave a long comment even to the people with no followers and like 3 posts over a 2 year span. I know it won't make a difference but I have a passion for disturbing every ignorant person I encounter's day.

Organica said...

I've learned, so bloggers work on controversy to build their readership. Their stories, views and opinions are all founded with one goal: HOW TO INCREASE MEMBERSHIP.

Often these people annoy me so much, I want to warn the world.

But oh well.

I just take them off my feeds.

Suha said...

I was writing the comment last night but my internet got busted and I couldnt post it, I worte this big thing and I forgot it so anyways if your bothered you should just tell them maybe they'll stop writing about the annoying things..
And hey asoom :D

asoom said...

Alaine, yea it's not so much about restraint as it is prioritizing just wasn't important and won't mean anything. Thanks for stopping by!

Beave, sorry to spark your curiosity there beave I think it'll defeat the purpose of I indulged the details lol. I guess you just have to learn to let go sometimes or else you'll be making yourself unnecessarily very busy!

Organica, Yea I've definitely taken blogs off my feeds for having number of annoying posts to quality posts ratio. You wouldn't believe it girl once I checked my reader to find a blogger had written a post attacking me without actually naming me!!! I was like ok get a life woman. I contemplated whether to react or not and I settled on just taking that biotch off my reader as I made some duaa for her. Happens!!

suha...wainik ya binti!!! Yea right I wouldn't tell them some of them thrive on that kind of attention and they might actually think they're good. but you know what? I want to read that original long reply you wrote before the internet busting.

Hamza said...

I wish you told me what post it was. I am in the mood for laughing and joking about it with you.hehehe