Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Need Your Bridal Shower Ideas

Remember when I asked you for your lunch party recipes? well you guys really came through so now I'm asking for your bridal shower ideas.

Don't get too excited it's not mine! I'm hosting a bridal shower for one of my close friends whose getting married next week. Me and her go way back so I really wanted to do this for her. Her and her fiance's story is really cute in a Romeo and Juliet type of way. Anyway, that's not the point of this post, I need some bridal shower ideas!

The party will be Friday so I realize this is a last minute plea. The whole plan was pretty last minute and I've been very busy with a new project at work (I'm now the volunteer coordinator for our agency's branch-more to come later). I actually feel pretty guilty because I've definitely been skimping in comparison to my social gathering-throwing standards. I don't plan on making any food, I advertised it as a pot luck. Today I made my sister go to Party Time to try to see what bridal shower-themed things we can pick up on our very limited budget which I'm already over. We got minimal decorations-a sign to put out on the yard, a banner, a bridal veil that we'll make her wear.

The most creative thing I've come up with is I got this glass keepsake box personalized from Things Remembered and I asked all her friends to each write her a letter to put in the box that we'll present to her as our personal collective gift. That might make her shed a tear or 2, and I may shed my own tears as I write my letter to her.

Over the years she evolved into becoming pretty conservative so there won't be music and dancing at this party-I'll have to get creative. Thanks to google I found 2 group games that should be fun. One of them is a purse scavenger hunt and the other is called "the bride leaves the room" where we make her leave to ask questions about her appearance that day (what color is her necklace?). I even got some nice prizes for interest perking purposes. Then of course we eat, chit chat, and oooh and ahhh as she opens up borderline naughty gifts.

That's all I've got on the agenda! I really feel guilty and like I haven't done enough. The evite went out to 30something girls and I expect around 20 to show up. It's a daytime brunch thing with a summer dressy dresscode. I explicitly stated in the evite that jeans will not be allowed at this event. So now you have a feel for what kind of gathering it'll be and that's all I've got folks.

Do you have any low maintenance ideas on what I can do to add some creativity and uniqueness to my homegirl's once-in-a-lifetime bridal shower?


kinzi said...

Sounds fun!

Here are two games:

1) Teams of 3 or 4 compete to create the perfect wedding dress, from toilet paper. Use one of the ladies for a model, let the bride choose what is best.

2) How well do you know the bride competition, a little test, the woman with the most points wins.

3) Give each woman a clothes pin when she arrives. If anyone says 'bride' or 'wedding', someone else can take her clothes pin. The one with the most clothes pins wins.

Get little prizes like votive candles or hand lotions.

Mabruuk il ha!

kinzi said...

oops, that really was three, I thought of the third while typing ;)

asoom said...

Kinzi thanks a whole bunch. I'm familiar with the toilet paper one, it was played at a shower I attended. It was fun but I don't think we have a big enough group for it to be really exciting. Your #2 suggestion is pretty similar to the "bride leaves the room" game I may incorporate those 2