Saturday, July 11, 2009

A night of supporting local artists

I attended this local artsy fartsy festival by accident. I was dragged along by someone who had to be there on an assigment. I didn't even understand where we were going. After the day I had I would have preferred to go home where it wasn't over 100 degrees, shower, and sleep forever. However it required too much energy to say no and come up with excuses, so I went.

Check out someone's 3-D illustration of the eye of the hurricane.

Thank God I did cause I would have never have known my little town was capable of this. Now I feel guilty because I like to take advantage of all things cultural and festive when I visit other towns like a tourist but I'm not even aware of what's in my own backyard. I guess we all do that right?

Moods (it was actually given a witty title that I can't even recall)

It's funny how many times tourists and short-term visitors may have experienced more attractions in your hometown than you in your lifetime of living there. I have cousins in Jordan that have never seen Petra, I know some South Floridians that have never been to south beach, New York city residents that never saw a broadway play (and it's not cause they can't afford it), and quite a few New Orleanians that have never been to a real Mardi Gras parade (it's not all Bourbon street, ok!).

This Obama art is made completely out of currency. I can't even imagine the work that went into this.

What is it about being accessible that makes it is so uninteresting? Uninteresting isn't even the right word here because to begin with we don't even know what's up down town!

Some performances at this local event with artists of all genres that I've never even heard of were more entertaining than concerts I attended of famous artists.

These guys totally reminded me of the Blue Man Group show. They were really good too!

Even these belly dancers with non-Eastern roots trained at a local studio totally performed better than I expected them to. Those White girls can dance!


karmi said...

I guess it's because we generally take things for granted. We always think that the things where we are will always be there. That the grass is greener somewhere so we rush to that place. It happens all the time.

Goofy Girl said...

That's cool you got to see some local artists! I went to one of those things recently and it was a lot of fun!