Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hammering nails with Coach shoes and pink lip gloss

So I never really talked about the outcome of the first volunteer project I organized as volunteer coordinator. We didn't have very much time to rally and organize; we literally had a few days notice but alhamdulilah it was a great success.

It was a rebuilding project that involved fixing up an elderly disabled man's residence so that it can actually be livable. The organizing took a lot of work especially because it was our first such event. There were a lot of materials and supplies that we didn't even have and there were a lot of logistics that needed to be worked out such as having the right professionals there at the right time. Guess who was responsible for the oversight of all of that? Yours truly. If it wasn't for the help that I had and people willing to take on the tasks I was delegating to them I don't know how this event could have happened. We probably would have had to postpone because it was just too much work for one person.

Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy to do it. This is the fun part of working. Alhamdulilah it was a great success. 14 volunteers ended up showing up at the meeting spot. Many of them were young, had little or no such experience, didn't know what sheet rock was, and some didn't know how to use a hammer. Some of them inspired the title of this post. However they came with a lot of energy and the willingness to work. We stayed for 6 hours and got a lot done. We definitely got down, dirty, and stinky. I was being a nazi about making sure everyone was taking the proper safety precautions and alhamdulilah there were no significant injuries. The volunters made some people very happy and I was sooooo proud of everyone.

When you do good for others you might be helping yourself more than anyone else. The feeling that you get as a result of being able to make such a positive difference in someone else's life(lives) is just priceless. It's also a very humbling experience, and who couldn't use a little bit of humbling every now and then. One thing that made me really happy at the end of the day is knowing that I had a part in making some of these youngsters, like my little brother, come to that realization and feel the value of such community service.


queenie said...

That's awesome! Just as we take and benefit so much from our community, we need to give back, and I don't think there would've been a better way to give back than what you did!

Anonymous said...

Good on you! Next time you should have a dress at the shower you gave a few days ago.

Hamza said...

I felt the same when I was assigned to work on this project in darfur in sudan (construction of 23 schools). its an ecstatic feeling. :)

karmi said...

wow, excellent work! i admire that sincerely.

asoom said...

queenie, I agree everyone should give up in their own way. Thanks!

Anon, yea we have a semi dresscode, like no pen toe shoes and everyone had to wear eye protection

Hamza, should blog about it!

Karmi, thank you so much dear!