Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Am I breing prank called? an unfolding mystery

Had this one shown up as an unavailable or restricted number, for sure it would be a prank call that one of a handful of cousins would be responsible for. A weak one at that, but the most likely explanation considering their past antics.

I once got a really long and quite detailed voicemail telling me that I need to report to a detective's office because my name came up in a murder investigation. "Don't be worried you're not a suspect, but your name came up and we need to ask you a few questions." He ended the voicemail by quoting me from a lecture that I once gave to my sister in a mocking tone. "I need your help with this investigation because....I'm just really insecure with myself and I need your help you know." A burst of laughter from my sister in the background gave him away.

I once got a voicemail from a different cousin (a brother of the above) in the form of a country song with a very exaggerated southern accent. It went something like this "I got in my Ford truck and then I went to my refrigeratoorrrrrrrr"..he just kept using sentences with words that rhymed with refrigator. I saved that voicemail for a while to let my friends hear it, it was truly hilarious!

The most memorable prank voicemail though is the stereotypical gay sounding male. "Heyyyyyyyyy girlllllllllll........it's bobbyy. Bobbyyyyy from the club.....remember me girllllll. How ya doinnnnnn?". That one was so good that I made him prank call a few of my friends with that. One of my friends was so freaked out she had a stalker she actually changed her number after that. I found that out when I admitted it to her months after.

However this call showed up with a legitimate number. I first missed it. When the person called again I picked up and I'm pretty sure she called my name, almost shouted it. "Hey ASOOOM. Are you there? can you here me?" ....Yea I can hear you..."hello, hello". Then she hung up. Weird, I don't have reception issues in my room. Curious, I googled the area code of the number and found that it was from a suburb of my current university town. Oh ok, so it has to be someone I know then.

I called it back and got a voicemail saying this is "veronica'". I could only think of one girl from that area with that name, a girl from my class but it didn't sound like her and she's actually not local so I don't think she'd have that area code. A minute later the chick calls back. She uses a different name than the one in the voicemail, she gives me a common arab name, and I can't help but notice off the bat her very antagonistic attitude; she had a ghetto arab girl accent.

Her: Hey remember me?
Me: Whose this?
Her: This is Mona, remember me?
Me: (brainstorming..I knew one girl in that town with that town and this definitely wasn't her). Ummmm...no!

Her: I've been hearing all these rumors you've been spreading about me and you hanging out in all those argilla (in perfect arabic accent) shops. You don't remember me?
Me: ahhhh...No, I don't!
Her: alright never mind wrong person then. (hangs up abruptly)

What????????? I almost wanted to call her back and be like who the hell are you and how on earth did you get my number? Has my name been dragged in some local arab girl drama already?

I'm brainstorming trying to connect dots to see who this freak girl could possibly be associated with. Yea in my university town I have been hanging out at hookah cafes....and yes in that local community there is a social stigma on single arab girls hanging out in hookah shops so those could be unpleasant rumors. However everyone I hang out with are classmates and not local arabs. I've met some local arab girls at various events around and that community is gossip and drama central so I don't care to hang out with them-some of them though are on my facebook and it's possible that some of them have my number.

The only exception I can think of is quite a few of my hometown friends have family members and connections in my college town. A few of them have come to visit so I've hung out with them and they've had their local cousins and friends join us. That networking combined with the facebook connection and the fact that I'm pretty open about my hanging out and about could have dragged my name into some kind of mix. It might be somewhat of a stretch but it's a possible theory.

Time to exercise the facebook limited profile feature!


queenie said...

Oh jeez, what drama! I usually have to reset my limited profile from time to time too so that I stay away from the drama as much as possible.

Btw, those prank calls sound awesome :)

Hamza said...

if I had your number, my prank would be worse. :P

asoom said...

queenie, I've only had to put like 3 people on limited profile but after this episode that number should go up to like ten

hamza, oh yea...like what? i'm curious