Saturday, March 28, 2009

What makes an engagement ring?

Me: I wish we can just fast forward this whole period and get to the engagement.

Him: We are engaged. Your parents just don't know it.

Me: No we're not. I don't have an engagement ring.

Him: Yes you do. I bought you a ring.

Me: You got me a promise ring!

Him: Ok. Well let's call it an engagement ring!

Me: Ummm......NO (what was he thinking)...(I compose myself). Sweetie remember in the store you even told me what you think I should do with it once I get "the real thing".

Him: You're right babe.

*2 minutes later*

Me: So are you familiar with Tiffany's?

Him: (immediately) You're not getting a ring from Tiffany's. Those things start at like $9,000...not now

Me: (sigh) Well a girl can dream.

Him: Yea, as long as it stays in your dreams.

My first no.......Oh Well. He's still so cute that I just want to keep pinching him.


Hamza said...

if I were him, I'd say: "babe, I could afford it if I sell my leg. Would you want me to do that?" :P

secratea said...

lollll.. i love how he was trying to convince you that it's an engagement ring to avoid ever getting an actual engagement ring for the actual engagement.. too cute!

and honestly, if i were you, I'd keep it and consider it the engagement later on.. the symbolism behind it is all what matters, sa7? I'm serious, but i bet you wouldn't want him to see this comment, ever LOL :-D

queenie said...

Haha, love the subtlety of that question ;) Before SigFig and I got engaged we had a conversation about rings, and he said he wasn't going to get me a diamond ring (any other stone fine) because of blood diamonds, and a whole explanation, and at the time it didn't make a difference to me so I said "sure, we can get an amythest or something", he said, "now you make me want to get you a diamond because you're so understanding"....reverse psychology hun, works like a charm ;)

eshda3wa said...



a girl SHOULD dream!

inshallah one day ull get ur tiffanys rock

Jawahir Jewels (JJ) said...

cute ... does the ring actually matter .... i thought it did once upona time now i dont .... secratea is right.....

he seems like a lovely person.... ;-)

i will post the bit one the ring i saw .... hope u read it ...

anyway wat matters is that ur happy and he is too ... may u always be happy and blessed

asoom said...

Hamza, and I would reply "whose going to give you ten grand for your leg???" ;)

Secratea, trying to convince me to settle is not cute lol! I think the promise ring stands for its own thing and the engagement will stand for its own special moment. And no he wont be reading this comment because he doesn't know of this blog!

queenie, once upon a time I used to part of the whole anti blood diamond crew. So what did you end up getting?

eshda3wa, lol yea well I wasn't expecting it. I was just kind of testing the waters.

JJ, well I don't know about other girls but to me the ring DOES matter...there's no way I'm letting a guy off that easy! I'll check it out.

queenie said...

I got a diamond. Bittersweet, since we don't know for sure if it's a blood diamond or not :(

asoom said...

Queenie, awwwww so it worked then!

antique rings said...

Nice post and thought. In my opinion its the love and affection between the two people that makes an engagement ring. Also the ring is simply a symbol of love and relationship.