Thursday, March 26, 2009

On producing quality blog posts

When I first began blogging on my previous blog I had a lot of motivation to spew out my intellectual, uniquely observant, or just humorous thoughts and perspectives. I had a lot of admiration (and still do), for those bloggers that are able to keep up that high blogging standard post after post no matter what category the blog falls under. A couple that immediately come to mind are Chocoholic Madness , The Black Iris, and from a different blogging community altogether: Stuff White People Like.

Nowadays, it's just not in me. It's not that life has become more dull and I don't have anything to talk about, because the opposite is true. Daily life provides many opportunities that serve as blogging inspiration. Lots of thoughts brew in my brain. I just kind of don't feel like it.

You see my blog readers, I'm kind of slow and I like to take my time with pretty much everything. I can easily spend an hour or even a couple of hours on a great blog post...and this is something I used to routinely do on my previous blog. It used to make me feel productive. There are quite a few posts I was especially proud of which would motivate me to want to produce more.

Nowadays though I just get so frustrated when a blog post is taking me more than 30 minutes to finish. I just keep thinking about all the other things I could be doing instead and the result is lots of unpublished draft posts, which is even more frustrating cause then that was a total waste of time.

Aside from the time factor, I've come to realize that you can't be as free and as uninhibited on your blog as I thought you could be when I first started. Even if you are anonymous, you end up forming into an identity of yourself as a blogger and start becoming more aware and more sensitive. The reality has turned into I simply just can't blog about everything! Not even close to everything actually. Which is unfortunate, because the blogosphere would be more of an exciting place if we all could.

Despite the different and sometimes disappointing direction my blogging has gone in, I find it hard to abandon it altogether. The great thing about a blog is that unlike your best friend, your grandmother that's interested in every detail of your life, and your super cool aunt, and your hilarious hookah buddy-your blog is always there for you. It doesn't tell you to shutup, or roll its eyes, or disapprove of your actions, or constantly borrow money from you but never pay you back. And this is why I keep blogging.

P.S. whoever said you can't start a sentence with and, or, & but is a nuisance to writers everywhere.


Goofy Girl said...

I agree, it's hard to keep producing good stuff. But as you said, we're all very interested in your life and happy to cheer ya on ;)

KJ said...

It's been in the air for the past few months for most bloggers, myself included. And whenever there is something intellectual posted, no one feels like reading it all the way through.


asoom said...

goofy, yea it is hard. You just don't have the same enthusiasm as you did when you started...and I'm always happy to have you reading.

KJ, you know what you're totally right. I've always said the arab blogosphere has kind of died. It wasn't as exciting as it was when I first hopped on...and you're totally right about the intellectual posts...but it wasn't like that at the beginning.

celebral seductress said...

its sooo true asoom! hey check out this blog,

i find it very interesting at how she express what she wants to say..