Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sp-ee-ree-nit Willa Fayrizon?

I'm alway thrilled when I see my grandma's name light up on my cell phone.

Grandma: Shoo abooch 7acha nazalto boss (bus) 3al urdun?

Me: Mish bus. Suburban.

Grandma: Shoo hath?

Grandma: Ya sitti inti 3indich sp-ee-ree-nit

Me: La ana 3indi Verizon

Grandma: Yeeeeee yakshaili. Hatha Fayrizon bitla3 ghali 3alay. Ana Sp-ee-ree-nit.

I swear grandmas are the best. Their innocence is just way too adorable!


secratea said...

walik you have Fayrizon and she has speereenit.. ya 3aib elshoum! you both should get a T-mobile family plan, or she can get a T-mobile and put you on her favs list :-D

But then, i don't know how often she'd be calling ya.. yimkin ti3la2ee while she demands details about your dad's business LOOOL

His Sweetheart said...

She seems adorable :)

Maher said...


I have to agree..Grandmas are the best.. :>

Hamza said...

LOOOOOOOOOL. you say "yakshaili" too. I thought only my grandma says that. the best thing is when they say "yatemni". hahahaha..hilarious

asoom said...

secratea, looooool you cracked me up. yea how dare I! She calls like twice a week if I don't call her first but she has free minutes after 7 so just has to remember that.

His, she is wallah!

Maher, nice to see you around!!!! where have you been dude? Because the NFL season is over khalas you don't know me?

Hamza, my gradma has some hilarious words that she uses. She also said "ya kashali". I've never heard this yatemni though..I wonder how it's pronounced