Sunday, March 1, 2009

"They're boys, that's what boys do"

My sister in Jordan decided to take the family suburban to pick up someone from the aiport as opposed to her own small car. She comes back to discover her car to be slightly damaged as if it was taken for a joyride during her absence. The most likely explanation and what almost certainly noone doubts happened is that my 16 yr old cousin who lives in the adjacent apartment got a hold of the spare key kept by my aunt.

So when my sister called my dad to report what happened he yelled at her for driving the Suburban around, something she's not supposed especially not from irbid to amman. Ummmm what about her stolen crashed car?..."well they're boys, that's what boys do!"



Beave said...

Not cool. She should kick him. In the shins. Hard.

Then say that she's a girl and a girl would never do that.

KJ said...

ridiculous really! what the

Hamza said...

something tells me that the 16 year old cousin is replicating the actions of his grandfather during his youth. :P

His Sweetheart said...

That's what parents are for, covering the boys mistakes lol

Sam said...

ah boys!! my husband did this to his dad's when he was 14..he finally confessed to his mom 30 years later that it was him...they thought it was hit by someone and his mom was praying allah la ywafko, allah yakhodo ...u know all those duas, and my husband was telling her la 7aram...LOL..your story reminded me of hubby's...well at least no one was hurt eh?

eshda3wa said...

ugh god!

that boy needs a good bitch slappin !

asoom said...

Beave, actually she did go start a fight with him, lol

KJ, yea really

Hamza, trust me the grandfather has no car in his youth...or ever!

His, parents ok but my dad is the boy's uncle. It's not that he was defending him as much as he was just stating it as an inevitable fact

asoom said...

Sam, LOOOOL so she made that duaaa after 30 years? she must have been bitter!

eshda3wa, yup...him and most of the boys in the village!